Linear Algebra with Applications, 8/e (Hardcover)

Gareth Williams






Updated and revised throughout with new section material and exercises.
Each section begins with a motivating introduction, which ties material to the previously learned topics.
Carefully explained examples illustrate key concepts throughout the text.
Includes new topics such as QR Factorization and Singular Value Decomposition.
Includes new applications such as a Leslie Matrix model that is used to predict birth and death patterns of animals.
Includes discussions of the role of linear algebra in many areas, such as the operation of the search engine Google and the global structure of the worldwide air transportation network.
A MATLAB manual that ties into the regular course material is included as an appendix. These ideas can be implemented on any matrix algebra software package. This manual consists of 28 sections that tie into the regular course material.
Graphing Calculator Manual included as an appendix.
A Student Solutions Manual that contains solutions to selected exercises is available as a supplement. An Instructors Complete Solutions Manual, test bank, and PowerPoint Lecture Outlines are also available.
Available with WebAssign Online Homework & Assessment 


Part 1 Linear Equations, Vectors, and Matrices
Chapter 1 Linear Equations and Vectors
Chapter 2 Matrices and Linear Transformations
Chapter 3 Determinants and Eigenvectors
Part 2 Vector Spaces
Chapter 4 General Vector Spaces
Chapter 5 Coordinate Representations
Chapter 6 Inner Product Spaces
Part 3 Numerical Linear Algebra
Chapter 7 Numerical Methods
Chapter 8 Linear Programming