Principles of Physics: A Calculus Approach Volume 1, 2/e (Paperback)

Serway , Jewett

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● Style The book is written in a clear, logical, and engaging style.
● Pitfall Prevention Over 130 Pitfall Preventions are provided to help students avoid making common mistakes and misunderstandings.
● Problem-Solving Strategies Useful strategies help students identify necessary steps for solving problems.
● Worked Examples These examples are set off in boxes, and the answers are highlighted with a tan screen.
● Problems Over 1,800 end-of-chapter problems are provided with varied levels of difficulty.
● Review Problems These problems can be used by students in preparing for tests and by instructors for homework assignments and classroom discussions.

● Problem-Solving Strategies 本書提供了一種解題的結構化程序,依循Conceptualize、Categorize、Analyze、Finalize的解題過程,清楚明白交代解題的步驟,以鼓勵學生在整個課程中遵循此解題程序。
● Pitfall Prevention 防錯提示的專欄,用以指出學生常有的錯誤想法,本書有超過130個防錯提示,用來協助學生避免常見的錯誤與誤解。
● Quick Quizzes 小測驗的題目都編寫為客觀判斷的形式,包括多選、是非,及排序等類別,讓學生測試自己對物理觀念的了解。這些題目需要學生依據健全的推理,來作出決定,其中有些是用來幫助學生克服常有的錯誤概念。


1.Introduction and Vectors
2.Motion in One Dimension
3.Motion in Two Dimensions
4.The Laws of Motion
5.More Applications of Newton's Laws
6.Energy of a System
7.Conservation of Energy
8.Momentum and Collisions
10.Rotational Motion
11.Gravity, Planetary Orbits, and the Hydrogen Atom
12.Oscillatory Motion
13.Mechanical Waves
14.Superposition and Standing Waves.
15.Fluid Mechanics
16.Temperature and the Kinetic Theory of Gases
17.Energy in Thermal Processes - The First Law of Thermodynamics
18.Heat Engines, Entropy, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics