DB2 SQL Tuning Tips for z/OS Developers (Paperback)

Tony Andrews

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  • 出版日期: 2012-10-15
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  • ISBN: 0133038467
  • ISBN-13: 9780133038460
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The Definitive Solutions-Oriented Guide to IBM® DB2® for z/OS®: Now Fully Updated for Both v9 and v10!

The largest database tuning performance gains can often be obtained from tuning application code, and applications that use SQL to retrieve data are the best candidates for tuning. This well-organized, easy-to-understand reference brings together more than 100 SQL-related skills and techniques that any developer can use to build and optimize DB2 applications for consistently superior performance.

DB2 tuning expert Tony Andrews (“Tony the Tuner”) draws on more than 20 years of DB2-related experience, empowering you to take performance into your own hands, whether you’re writing new software or tuning existing systems. Tony shows you exactly how to clear bottlenecks, resolve problems, and improve both speed and reliability.

This book fully reflects the latest SQL programming best practices for DB2 V9 and DB2 V10 on z/OS: techniques that are taught in no other book and are rarely covered in general DB2 SQL courses. Drawing on his extensive consulting experience and highly praised training with Themis Inc., Tony also presents practical checklists and an invaluable 15-step methodology for optimizing virtually any DB2 application.

Coverage includes
  • Empowering developers on knowing what to do and where to look in resolving performance problems in queries or programs
  • Providing many programming and SQL coding examples
  • Establishing standards and guidelines that lead to high-performance SQL
  • Implementing time-efficient code walkthroughs to ensure that your standards are followed
  • Focusing on the small number of SQL statements that consume the most resources
  • Identifying simple solutions that deliver the most sizable benefits
  • Optimizing performance by rewriting query predicates more efficiently
  • Providing a better understanding of SQL optimization and Runstat statistics
  • Recognizing opportunities to tweak your code more effectively than the Optimizer
  • Optimizing SQL code with COBOL applications
  • Efficiently checking for the existence of data, rows, or tables
  • Using Runstats’ newest capabilities to consistently optimize paths to data


《IBM® DB2® for z/OS®的明確解決方案導向指南:現已全面更新至v9和v10!》


DB2調整專家Tony Andrews(“調整師Tony”)憑藉20多年的DB2相關經驗,讓您能夠自己掌握性能,無論您是編寫新軟體還是調整現有系統。Tony向您展示了如何清除瓶頸、解決問題以及提高速度和可靠性。

本書完全反映了DB2 V9和DB2 V10在z/OS上的最新SQL編程最佳實踐:這些技巧在其他書籍中並未教授,也很少在一般的DB2 SQL課程中涵蓋。Tony憑藉其豐富的咨詢經驗和受到高度讚譽的Themis Inc.培訓,還提供了實用的檢查清單和一個寶貴的15步優化任何DB2應用程式的方法論。

- 讓開發人員了解在解決查詢或程式性能問題時應該做什麼和在哪裡尋找解決方案
- 提供許多程式編碼和SQL編碼示例
- 建立導致高性能SQL的標準和指南
- 實施時間高效的程式碼遍歷,以確保遵循您的標準
- 專注於消耗最多資源的少數SQL語句
- 確定能夠產生最大效益的簡單解決方案
- 通過更高效地重寫查詢謂詞來優化性能
- 更好地理解SQL優化和Runstat統計資料
- 識別比優化器更有效地微調程式碼的機會
- 通過COBOL應用程式優化SQL代碼
- 高效地檢查資料、行或表的存在性
- 利用Runstats的最新功能,持續優化到資料的路徑