Enterprise Lucene and Solr

Lajos Moczar

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Increasingly, large enterprises are discovering that Apache Lucene and Apache Solr can help them dramatically reduce the costs of their most challenging indexing and search applications. Now, for the first time, there’s a hands-on guide to using these technologies in enterprise environments. Packed with real-world examples and new best practices, Enterprise Lucene and Solr goes far beyond simply “getting started,” to offer deep practical insights on planning, developing, and deploying highly-efficient solutions.


 This is practical, hands-on book. It is designed for people using Lucene and Solr in real-world, advanced applications. It covers topics such as enterprise search, spatial search, Machine Learning (specifically, text classification) and Big Data search. There is also a whole section devoted to what the author calls “productionalizing” Lucene and Solr, which will show you how to intelligently develop, deploy and maintain production installations.


This book is divided into four parts. Part 1 covers the basics of Lucene.and includes a chapter covering the basics, and then two more covering indexing and querying in depth, with hands-on examples in between. Part II provides a similar foundation for Solr. Part III is where the fun begins, because we get to build some interesting applications that demonstrate the power of these technologies. And finally, Part IV, covers the bit that many people forget about: how to use these technologies in production.