Data Visualization Toolkit: Using JavaScript, Rails, and Postgres to Present Data and Geospatial Information

Barrett Clark

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  • 出版日期: 2016-08-28
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  • ISBN: 0134464435
  • ISBN-13: 9780134464435
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Create Beautiful Visualizations that Free Your Data to Tell Powerful Truths



“The depth of Barrett Clark’s knowledge shines through in his writing: clear, concise, and confident. Barrett has been practicing all of this stuff in his day job for many years–Postgres, D3, GIS, all of it. The knowledge in this book is real-world and hard-earned!”


–From the Foreword by Obie Fernandez

Data Visualization Toolkit is your hands-on, practical, and holistic guide to the art of visualizing data. You’ll learn how to use Rails, jQuery, D3, Leaflet, PostgreSQL, and PostGIS together, creating beautiful visualizations and maps that give your data a voice and to make it “dance.”


Barrett Clark teaches through real-world problems and examples developed specifically to illuminate every technique you need to generate stunningly effective visualizations. You’ll move from the absolute basics toward deep dives, mastering diverse visualizations and discovering when to use each. Along the way, you’ll build three start-to-finish visualization applications, using actual real estate, weather, and travel datasets.


Clark addresses every component of data visualization: your data, database, application server, visualization libraries, and more. He explains data transformations; presents expert techniques in JavaScript, Ruby, and SQL; and illuminates key concepts associated with both descriptive statistics and geospatial data. Throughout, everything is aimed at one goal: to help you cut through the clutter and let your data tell all it can.


This guide will help you

  • Explore and understand the data visualization technology stack
  • Master the thought process and steps involved in importing data
  • Extract, transform, and load data in usable, reliable form
  • Handle spotty data, or data that doesn’t line up with what your chart expects
  • Use D3 to build pie and bar charts, scatter and box plots, and more
  • Work effectively with time-series data
  • Tweak Ruby and SQL to optimize performance with large datasets
  • Use raw SQL in Rails: window functions, subqueries, and common table expressions
  • Build chord diagrams and time-series aggregates
  • Use separate databases or schema for reporting databases
  • Integrate geographical data via geospatial SQL queries
  • Construct maps with Leaflet and Rails
  • Query geospatial data the “Rails way” and the “raw SQL way”




作者Barrett Clark通過真實世界的問題和例子來教授,專門闡明了生成極其有效的視覺化所需的每一個技巧。你將從基礎知識開始,逐步深入,掌握各種視覺化技巧,並發現何時使用每一種技巧。在此過程中,你將建立三個從頭到尾的視覺化應用程序,使用真實的房地產、天氣和旅行數據集。



- 探索和了解數據視覺化技術堆棧
- 掌握導入數據的思維過程和步驟
- 提取、轉換和加載可用、可靠的數據形式
- 處理不完整的數據,或者與圖表期望的數據不一致的情況
- 使用D3構建餅圖、柱狀圖、散點圖和箱形圖等
- 有效處理時間序列數據
- 調整Ruby和SQL以優化處理大型數據集的性能
- 在Rails中使用原始SQL:窗口函數、子查詢和常規表達式
- 構建和時間序列聚合和弦圖
- 使用獨立的數據庫或模式進行報表數據庫
- 通過地理空間SQL查詢集成地理數據
- 使用Leaflet和Rails構建地圖
- 以「Rails方式」和「原始SQL方式」查詢地理空間數據