C# 6 for Programmers (6th Edition) (Deitel Developer Series)

Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2016-08-02
  • 售價: $2,170
  • 貴賓價: 9.5$2,062
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 768
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0134596323
  • ISBN-13: 9780134596327
  • 相關分類: C#
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The professional programmer’s Deitel® guide to C# 6 and object-oriented development for Windows®


Written for programmers with a background in high-level language programming, C# 6 for Programmers applies the Deitel signature live-code approach to teaching programming and explores Microsoft’s C# 6 and .NET in depth. Concepts are presented in the context of 170+ fully coded and tested apps, complete with syntax shading, code highlighting, code walkthroughs, program outputs and hundreds of savvy software-development tips.


Start with an introduction to C# using an early classes and objects approach, then rapidly move on to more advanced topics, including LINQ, asynchronous programming with async and await and more. You’ll enjoy the treatment of object-oriented programming and an object-oriented design/UML® ATM case study, including a complete C# implementation. When you’ve mastered the book, you’ll be ready to start building industrial-strength, object-oriented C# apps.


Paul Deitel and Harvey Deitel are the founders of Deitel & Associates, Inc., the internationally recognized programming languages authoring and corporate training organization. Millions of people worldwide have used Deitel textbooks, professional books, LiveLessons™ video products, e-books, resource centers and REVEL™ interactive multimedia courses with integrated labs and assessment to master major programming languages and platforms, including C#, C++, C, Java™, Android™ app development, iOS app development, Swift™, Visual Basic®, Python™ and Internet and web programming.



  • Use with Windows® 7, 8 or 10.
  • Integrated coverage of new C# 6 functionality: string interpolation, expression-bodied methods and properties, auto-implemented property initializers, getter-only properties, nameof, null-conditional operator, exception filters and more.
  • Entertaining and challenging code examples.
  • Deep treatment of classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism and interfaces.
  • Generics, LINQ and generic collections; PLINQ (Parallel LINQ) for multicore performance.
  • Asynchronous programming with async and await; functional programming with lambdas, delegates and immutability.
  • Files; relational database with LINQ to Entities.
  • Object-oriented design ATM case study with full code implementation.
  • Emphasis on performance and software engineering principles.


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《專業程式設計師的Deitel® C# 6與物件導向開發指南》

適合具備高階語言程式設計背景的程式設計師,《C# 6 for Programmers》運用Deitel標誌性的「現場程式碼」教學方法,深入探索微軟的C# 6和.NET。概念以170多個完整編碼和測試的應用程式為背景,包含語法標示、程式碼突出顯示、程式碼導覽、程式輸出和數百個精明的軟體開發技巧。

從使用「早期類別和物件方法」介紹C#開始,然後快速進入更高級的主題,包括LINQ、使用async和await進行非同步程式設計等。你將享受到物件導向程式設計和物件導向設計/UML® ATM案例研究的處理,包括完整的C#實現。當你掌握了本書的內容後,你將準備好開始建立工業強度的物件導向C#應用程式。

Paul Deitel和Harvey Deitel是Deitel & Associates, Inc.的創始人,這是一家國際知名的程式設計語言作者和企業培訓機構。全球數百萬人使用Deitel教科書、專業書籍、LiveLessons™視頻產品、電子書、資源中心和REVEL™互動多媒體課程,並通過整合實驗室和評估來掌握主要的程式設計語言和平台,包括C#、C++、C、Java™、Android™應用程式開發、iOS應用程式開發、Swift™、Visual Basic®、Python™和網際網路和網頁程式設計。

- 適用於Windows® 7、8或10。
- 整合了新的C# 6功能:字串插值、表達式主體方法和屬性、自動實現的屬性初始化器、僅有getter的屬性、nameof、空值條件運算子、例外過濾器等。
- 有趣且具有挑戰性的程式碼範例。
- 深入介紹類別、物件、繼承、多型和介面。
- 泛型、LINQ和泛型集合;用於多核心性能的PLINQ(並行LINQ)。
- 使用async和await進行非同步程式設計;使用lambda、委派和不可變性進行函數式程式設計。
- 檔案;使用LINQ to Entities的關聯式資料庫。
- 物件導向設計ATM案例研究,包含完整的程式碼實現。
- 強調性能和軟體工程原則。

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