The Rails 5 Way (4th Edition) (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series)

Obie Fernandez

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  • 出版日期: 2017-11-14
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0134657675
  • ISBN-13: 9780134657677
  • 相關分類: Ruby
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The “Bible” for Rails Development: Fully Updated for Rails 5

“When I read The Rails Way for the first time, I felt like I truly understood Rails for the first time.”

–Steve Klabnik, Rails contributor and mentor

The Rails™ 5 Way is the comprehensive, authoritative reference guide for professionals delivering production-quality code using modern Ruby on Rails. Obie Fernandez illuminates the entire Rails 5 API, its most powerful idioms, design approaches, and libraries. He presents new and updated content on Action Cable, RSpec 3.4, Turbolinks 5.0, the Attributes API, and many other enhancements, both major and subtle.


Through detailed code examples, you’ll dive deep into Ruby on Rails, discover why it’s designed as it is, and learn to make it do exactly what you want. Proven in thousands of production systems, the knowledge in this book will maximize your productivity and help you build more successful solutions.

  • Build powerful, scalable, REST-compliant back-end services
  • Program complex program flows using Action Controller
  • Represent models, relationships, and operations in Active Record, and apply advanced Active Record techniques
  • Smoothly evolve database schema via Migrations
  • Craft front-ends with ActionView and the Asset Pipeline
  • Optimize performance and scalability with caching and Turbolinks 5.0
  • Improve your productivity using Haml HTML templating
  • Secure your systems against attacks like SQL Injection, XSS, and XSRF
  • Integrate email using Action Mailer
  • Enable real-time, websockets-based browser behavior with Action Cable
  • Improve responsiveness with background processing
  • Build “API-only” back-end projects that speak JSON
  • Leverage enhancements to Active Job, serialization, and Ajax support

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《The Rails™ 5 Way》是一本全面且權威的參考指南,針對使用現代 Ruby on Rails 開發生產品級程式碼的專業人士。作者 Obie Fernandez 詳細介紹了整個 Rails 5 API,以及其最強大的慣用語法、設計方法和函式庫。書中還介紹了 Action Cable、RSpec 3.4、Turbolinks 5.0、Attributes API 等新的和更新的內容,包括重大和微妙的改進。

通過詳細的程式碼示例,您將深入研究 Ruby on Rails,了解它的設計原理,並學會如何使其完全符合您的需求。這本書中的知識在成千上萬個生產系統中得到驗證,將最大限度地提高您的生產力,幫助您構建更成功的解決方案。

- 構建強大、可擴展、符合 REST 標準的後端服務
- 使用 Action Controller 編寫複雜的程式流程
- 在 Active Record 中表示模型、關係和操作,並應用高級的 Active Record 技巧
- 通過 Migrations 平滑演進數據庫架構
- 使用 ActionView 和 Asset Pipeline 構建前端
- 通過緩存和 Turbolinks 5.0 優化性能和可擴展性
- 使用 Haml HTML 模板提高生產力
- 保護系統免受 SQL 注入、XSS 和 XSRF 等攻擊
- 使用 Action Mailer 集成電子郵件功能
- 使用 Action Cable 實現基於 WebSockets 的實時瀏覽器行為
- 通過後台處理提高響應能力
- 構建僅支持 API 的後端項目,使用 JSON 進行通信
- 利用 Active Job、序列化和 Ajax 支持的增強功能

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