Component-Based Rails Applications: Large Domains Under Control (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series)

Stephan Hagemann

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  • 出版日期: 2018-06-22
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  • ISBN: 0134774582
  • ISBN-13: 9780134774589
  • 相關分類: Ruby
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Use Components to Improve Maintainability, Reduce Complexity, and Accelerate Testing in Large Rails Applications



“This book gives Ruby pros a comprehensive guide for increasing the sophistication of their designs, without having to forsake the principles of elegance that keep them in our corner of the software world.”

–Obie Fernandez, author, The Rails™ 5 Way, Fourth Edition


As Rails applications grow, even experienced developers find it difficult to navigate code bases, implement new features, and keep tests fast. Components are the solution, and Component-Based Rails Applications shows how to make the most of them.


Writing for programmers and software team leads who are comfortable with Ruby and Rails, Stephan Hagemann introduces a practical, start-to-finish methodology for modernizing and restructuring existing Rails applications.


One step at a time, Hagemann demonstrates how to revamp Rails applications to exhibit visible, provably independent, and explicitly connected parts–thereby simplifying them and making them far easier for teams to manage, change, and test. Throughout, he introduces design concepts and techniques you can use to improve applications of many kinds, even if they weren’t built with Rails or Ruby.

  • Learn how components clarify intent, improve collaboration, and simplify innovation and maintenance
  • Create a full Rails application within a component, from first steps to migrations and dependency management
  • Test component-based applications, manage assets and dependencies, and deploy your application to production
  • Identify the seams in an existing Rails application, and refactor it to extract components
  • Master a scripted, repeatable approach for refactoring Rails applications of any size
  • Use component-based Rails with two popular structural patterns: hexagonal and DCI architecture
  • Leverage your new component skills with other frameworks and languages
  • Overcome the unique challenges that arise as you componentize Rails applications

If you’re ready to simplify and revitalize your complex Rails systems, you’re ready for Component-Based Rails Applications .


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- Obie Fernandez,作者,《The Rails™ 5 Way, Fourth Edition》

隨著Rails應用程式的成長,即使是有經驗的開發人員也很難在程式碼庫中導航、實現新功能並保持測試速度。組件是解決方案,《Component-Based Rails Applications》展示了如何充分利用它們。

針對熟悉Ruby和Rails的程式設計師和軟體團隊負責人,Stephan Hagemann介紹了一種實用的、從頭到尾的現代化方法,用於現代化和重組現有的Rails應用程式。


- 學習組件如何澄清意圖、改善協作並簡化創新和維護
- 在組件中創建完整的Rails應用程式,從第一步到遷移和依賴管理
- 測試基於組件的應用程式,管理資產和依賴項,並將應用程式部署到生產環境
- 確定現有Rails應用程式中的接縫點,並對其進行重構以提取組件
- 掌握一種腳本化、可重複的重構Rails應用程式的方法
- 使用兩種流行的結構模式(六邊形和DCI架構)使用基於組件的Rails
- 將您的新組件技能應用於其他框架和語言
- 克服組件化Rails應用程式時出現的獨特挑戰

如果您準備簡化和振興複雜的Rails系統,那麼您準備好了《Component-Based Rails Applications》。