Programming ML.Net (Paperback)

Esposito, Dino, Esposito, Francesco




Dino Esposito is CTO and co-founder of Crionet, a company that provides innovative software and technology to professional sports organizations. A 16-time Microsoft MVP, he has authored 20+ books, including Introducing Machine Learning; and the Microsoft Press best-seller Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise.



Francesco Esposito holds a degree in Mathematics, is the co-author of Introducing Machine Learning, and lives suspended between the depth of advanced mathematics and the intrigue of data science. He currently serves as the Head of Engineering and Data at Crionet. As an entrepreneur he founded Youbiquitous, a data analysis and software factory, and KBMS Data Force, a startup in Digital Therapy and intelligent healthcare.



Dino Esposito是Crionet的首席技術官和共同創辦人,該公司為專業體育組織提供創新的軟體和技術。作為16次的Microsoft MVP,他已經撰寫了20多本書,包括《Introducing Machine Learning》和Microsoft Press暢銷書《Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise》。

Francesco Esposito擁有數學學位,是《Introducing Machine Learning》的共同作者,他生活在高深數學和數據科學的交錯之間。他目前擔任Crionet的工程和數據主管。作為企業家,他創辦了Youbiquitous,一家數據分析和軟體工廠,以及KBMS Data Force,一家從事數位治療和智能醫療的初創公司。