Microsoft Excel VBA and Macros (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365) (Paperback)

Jelen, Bill, Syrstad, Tracy

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  • 出版日期: 2022-04-11
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0137521529
  • ISBN-13: 9780137521524
  • 相關分類: Excel
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Renowned Excel experts Bill Jelen (MrExcel) and Tracy Syrstad explain how to build more powerful, reliable, and efficient Excel spreadsheets.

Use this guide to automate virtually any routine Excel task: save yourself hours, days, maybe even weeks. Make Excel do things you thought were impossible, discover macro techniques you won't find anywhere else, and create automated reports that are amazingly powerful. Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad help you instantly visualize information to make it actionable; capture data from anywhere, and use it anywhere; and automate the best new features in Excel and Excel in Office 365. You'll find simple, step-by-step instructions, real-world case studies, and 50 workbooks packed with examples and complete, easy-to-adapt solutions.

By reading this book, you will:

  • Quickly master Excel macro development
  • Work more efficiently with ranges, cells, and formulas
  • Generate automated reports and quickly adapt them for new requirements
  • Learn to automate pivot tables to summarize, analyze, explore, and present data
  • Use custom dialog boxes to collect data from others using Excel
  • Improve the reliability and resiliency of your macros
  • Integrate data from the internet, Access databases, and other sources
  • Automatically generate charts, visualizations, sparklines, and Word documents
  • Create powerful solutions with classes, collections, and custom functions
  • Solve sophisticated business analysis problems more rapidly

About This Book

  • For everyone who wants to get more done with Microsoft Excel in less time
  • For business and financial professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and others who need to efficiently manage and analyze data


著名的Excel專家Bill Jelen(MrExcel)和Tracy Syrstad解釋了如何建立更強大、可靠和高效的Excel電子表格。

使用本指南,您可以自動化幾乎任何常規的Excel任務:節省您數小時、數天,甚至數週的時間。讓Excel做您認為不可能的事情,發現其他地方找不到的巨集技術,並創建令人驚嘆的強大自動報告。Bill Jelen和Tracy Syrstad幫助您立即將信息可視化,使其可操作;從任何地方捕獲數據,並在任何地方使用它;以及自動化Excel和Office 365中最好的新功能。您將找到簡單的、逐步的說明,實際案例研究以及50個充滿示例和易於適應的解決方案的工作簿。

- 快速掌握Excel巨集開發
- 更有效地使用範圍、單元格和公式
- 生成自動報告並快速適應新需求
- 學習自動化樞紐表以總結、分析、探索和呈現數據
- 使用自定義對話框在Excel中收集他人的數據
- 提高巨集的可靠性和彈性
- 整合來自互聯網、Access數據庫和其他來源的數據
- 自動生成圖表、可視化效果、迷你圖和Word文檔
- 使用類、集合和自定義函數創建強大的解決方案
- 更快地解決複雜的商業分析問題

- 適用於希望在更短時間內更高效地使用Microsoft Excel的所有人
- 適用於商業和金融專業人士、企業家、學生和其他需要高效管理和分析數據的人士


Bill Jelen, Excel MVP and the host of, has been using spreadsheets since 1985, and he launched the website in 1998. Bill was a regular guest on Call for Help with Leo Laporte and has produced more than 2,300 episodes of his daily video podcast, Learn Excel from MrExcel. He is the author of 65 books about Microsoft Excel and writes the monthly Excel column for Strategic Finance magazine. Before founding, Bill spent 12 years in the trenches--working as a financial analyst for finance, marketing, accounting, and operations departments of a $500 million public company. He lives in Merritt Island, Florida, with his wife, Mary Ellen.



Tracy Syrstad is a Microsoft Excel developer and author of ten Excel books. She has been helping people with Microsoft Office issues since 1997, when she discovered free online forums where anyone could ask and answer questions. Tracy found out she enjoyed teaching others new skills, and when she began working as a developer, she was able to integrate the fun of teaching with one-on-one online desktop sharing sessions. Tracy lives on an acreage in eastern South Dakota with her husband, two cats, two horses, and a variety of wild foxes, squirrels, and rabbits.



Bill Jelen,Excel MVP和MrExcel.com的主持人,自1985年以來一直在使用試算表,並於1998年推出了MrExcel.com網站。Bill曾是Leo Laporte的Call for Help節目的常駐嘉賓,並製作了超過2,300集的每日視頻播客Learn Excel from MrExcel。他是關於Microsoft Excel的65本書的作者,並為Strategic Finance雜誌撰寫每月的Excel專欄。在創辦MrExcel.com之前,Bill在一家市值5億美元的上市公司的金融、市場營銷、會計和運營部門擔任財務分析師長達12年。他與妻子Mary Ellen一起居住在佛羅里達州的Merritt Island。

Tracy Syrstad是一位Microsoft Excel開發人員,也是十本Excel書籍的作者。自1997年以來,她一直在幫助人們解決Microsoft Office問題,當時她發現了免費的在線論壇,任何人都可以在那裡提問和回答問題。Tracy發現她喜歡教授他人新技能,當她開始從事開發工作時,她能夠將教學的樂趣與一對一的在線桌面共享會話相結合。Tracy與丈夫、兩隻貓、兩匹馬以及各種野生的狐狸、松鼠和兔子一起居住在南達科他州東部的一個農地上。