Microsoft Word Step by Step (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)

Lambert, Joan

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The quick way to learn Microsoft Word 365 and Word 2021 for Windows!

This is learning made easy. Get more done quickly with Microsoft Word. Jump in wherever you need answers-- brisk lessons and detailed screenshots show you exactly what to do, step by step.

  • Create great-looking, well-organized, accessible documents to enhance communication
  • Use headings, bookmarks, and footnotes for more intuitive access to knowledge
  • Present complex information in diagrams and charts
  • Illustrate concepts by using professional stock images, 3D models, icons, and screen clippings
  • Collaborate with other Word and Word for the web users to create and edit documents in real time, tracking changes for review and automatically saving file versions
  • Enforce security and privacy in electronic documents
  • Quickly build tables of contents, indexes, and bibliographies
  • Generate personalized emails, letters, labels, envelopes, directories, and catalogs from various data sources
  • Supercharge efficiency with custom styles, themes, templates, and building blocks
  • Look up just the tasks and lessons you need


快速學習 Microsoft Word 365 和 Word 2021 for Windows 的捷徑!

這是一種輕鬆學習的方式。使用 Microsoft Word 可以更快地完成工作。無論您需要什麼答案,都可以隨時加入 - 簡潔的課程和詳細的截圖將逐步向您展示應該怎麼做。

  • 創建外觀精美、組織良好、易於訪問的文件,以增強溝通

  • 使用標題、書籤和註腳更直觀地訪問知識

  • 通過圖表和圖表呈現複雜信息

  • 使用專業的庫存圖像、3D 模型、圖標和屏幕截圖來說明概念

  • 與其他 Word 和 Word for the web 用戶協作,實時創建和編輯文檔,跟踪變更以供審查並自動保存文件版本

  • 在電子文檔中強制執行安全和隱私

  • 快速建立目錄、索引和文獻

  • 從各種數據源生成個性化的電子郵件、信函、標籤、信封、目錄和目錄

  • 通過自定義樣式、主題、模板和構建塊提高效率

  • 只查找您需要的任務和課程


Joan Lambert is a certified expert in accessibility, training, Adobe InDesign, Intuit QuickBooks, Dynamics, Windows Server technologies, and many Microsoft applications and systems including Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Windows, and Word. A former small business owner and recovering workaholic, she has worked for over 36 years with Microsoft and Microsoft technologies and for over 26 years in the training and certification industry.

As a member of the Pearson VUE Accessibility team since 2022, Joan has gained a new perspective on computer interactions and the importance of providing equitable access to technology and content. Through her books, Joan enjoys helping people gain confidence and increase their productivity. She has written more than 50 books about Windows, Office, and SharePoint technologies, including dozens of Step by Step books and five generations of Microsoft Office Specialist certification study guides. Students who use the GO! with Microsoft Office textbook products from Pearson may overhear her cheerfully demonstrating Office features in the videos that accompany the series.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Joan has had the good fortune to live in many parts of the world--including Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, and Denmark--and many of our United States. She currently resides with her family--one daughter, two dogs, two cats, and five chickens-- in the Beehive State, where she enjoys the majestic mountain views, mostly blue skies, and occasional snowstorm.


Joan Lambert是一位在無障礙性、培訓、Adobe InDesign、Intuit QuickBooks、Dynamics、Windows Server技術以及許多Microsoft應用程式和系統(包括Access、Excel、OneNote、Outlook、PowerPoint、SharePoint、Windows和Word)方面具有認證專業知識的專家。她曾是一位小企業主和工作狂,已在Microsoft和Microsoft技術領域工作超過36年,在培訓和認證行業工作超過26年。

作為Pearson VUE Accessibility團隊的成員,自2022年以來,Joan對電腦互動和提供平等訪問技術和內容的重要性有了新的視角。通過她的書籍,Joan喜歡幫助人們增強信心並提高生產力。她已經撰寫了50多本關於Windows、Office和SharePoint技術的書籍,包括數十本《逐步學習》系列和五代Microsoft Office Specialist認證考試指南。使用Pearson的GO! with Microsoft Office教科書產品的學生可能會在附帶的視頻中聽到她愉快地演示Office的功能。