Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)

McFedries, Paul

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  • 出版日期: 2022-04-09
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Use Excel 365 and Excel 2021 core features to build spreadsheets that solve business problems and deliver reliable answers. Drawing on his unsurpassed experience, Paul McFedries helps you make the most of formulas and functions, including recent improvements ranging from dynamic arrays to XLOOKUP and LET. McFedries' step-by-step projects walk you through handling key tasks, from building timesheets to projecting cash flow and aging receivables. His practical examples and clear instructions demystify intermediate-to-advanced-level formula construction, and help you leverage Excel's most useful functions in your everyday work.


Becoming an Excel expert has never been easier!



By reading this book, you will:



  • Improve business analyses by adding intelligence and knowledge to your models
  • Replace cumbersome formulas with convenient predefined functions
  • Use modern lookups to make your formulas more powerful and flexible
  • Simplify complex calculations with dynamic arrays in Excel 365 and Excel 2021
  • Use conditional formatting to reveal anomalies, problems, or opportunities
  • Calculate loan payments, interest costs, terms, and amortization schedules
  • Project the future value of investments, and plan to achieve investment goals
  • Master essential discounting and cash-flow analysis tools, including NPV and IRR
  • Sort, filter, and analyze any tabular data, from customers to inventory
  • Easily analyze huge datasets with PivotTable calculations
  • Perform sophisticated what-if analyses, scenario planning, and forecasting
  • Optimize profit, cost, or operational efficiency with Solver














About This Book



  • For everyone who wants to get more done with Microsoft Excel in less time
  • For business and financial professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and others who need to efficiently manage and analyze data




使用 Excel 365 和 Excel 2021 的核心功能來建立能解決業務問題並提供可靠答案的試算表。在這本書中,Paul McFedries 借助他無與倫比的經驗,幫助您充分利用公式和函數,包括從動態數組到 XLOOKUP 和 LET 的最新改進。McFedries 逐步引導您完成關鍵任務,從建立時間表到預測現金流和應收賬款。他的實用示例和清晰的指導使中高級公式構建變得易於理解,並幫助您在日常工作中充分利用 Excel 最有用的函數。

- 通過為模型添加智能和知識來改進業務分析
- 用方便的預定義函數替換繁瑣的公式
- 使用現代查找功能使公式更強大和靈活
- 在 Excel 365 和 Excel 2021 中使用動態數組簡化複雜計算
- 使用條件格式設定顯示異常、問題或機會
- 計算貸款支付、利息成本、期限和攤銷表
- 預測投資的未來價值,並計劃實現投資目標
- 掌握必要的折現和現金流分析工具,包括 NPV 和 IRR
- 對任何表格數據進行排序、篩選和分析,從客戶到庫存
- 使用樞紐表計算輕鬆分析大型數據集
- 進行複雜的假設分析、情景規劃和預測
- 使用 Solver 優化利潤、成本或運營效率

- 適用於希望在更短時間內更高效地使用 Microsoft Excel 的所有人
- 適用於商業和金融專業人士、企業家、學生和其他需要高效管理和分析數據的人

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Paul McFedries is an Excel expert and full-time technical writer. Paul has been authoring computer books since 1991 and has more than 100 books to his credit, which combined have sold more than 4 million copies worldwide. His titles include the Que Publishing books My Office 2016, Windows 10 In Depth (with coauthor Brian Knittel), and PCs for Grownups, as well as the Sams Publishing book Windows 7 Unleashed. Please drop by Paul's personal website at or follow Paul on Twitter ( and Facebook (




Paul McFedries是一位Excel專家和全職技術作家。自1991年以來,Paul一直在撰寫電腦書籍,已經出版了超過100本書籍,全球銷量超過400萬冊。他的作品包括Que Publishing出版的《My Office 2016》、《Windows 10 In Depth》(與合著者Brian Knittel合作)和《PCs for Grownups》,以及Sams Publishing出版的《Windows 7 Unleashed》。請訪問Paul的個人網站,或在Twitter(和Facebook(上關注Paul。