Microsoft Excel Inside Out (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)

Jelen, Bill

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Master proven processes for improving development with Scrum and Azure DevOps

This guide can help any development team plan, track, and manage work far more effectively, by combining today's leading agile framework (Scrum) and Microsoft's ALM/DevOps toolset (Azure DevOps). Renowned Scrum expert Richard Hundhausen thoroughly covers team formation, backlogs, Sprints, test plans, collaboration, flow, continuous improvement, Azure Boards, Azure Test Plans, and the real-world tradeoffs associated with DevOps. Throughout, you'll find practical, in-the-trenches tips from experienced Professional Scrum Developers. To make this guide even more valuable, Hundhausen has organized it to complement's popular Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) program, which he created with's Ken Schwaber, author of this book's Foreword.

Professional Scrum Trainer Richard Hundhausen shows how to:

  • Deepen your understanding of the Scrum framework and Professional Scrum as based on the 2020 Scrum Guide.
  • Provide proven work item planning and tracking, and quickly drive value from Azure Boards
  • Improve your Scrum "pre-game" the tasks you'll perform before your first Sprint
  • Use Azure DevOps to create and manage backlogs, plan Sprints, and collaborate throughout them
  • Improve at scale with Scaled Professional Scrum and the Nexus scaled Scrum framework
  • Recognize which practices are still most efficiently performed without tools
  • Define and optimize team flow, overcome common dysfunctions, and evolve into a high-performance Professional Scrum Team

About This Book


  • For everyone who works with or relies on Scrum, including developers, designers, architects, testers, business analysts, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, managers, and other stakeholders
  • Focuses primarily on using Scrum for software products, but can support development of adaptive solutions for any complex problem performance Professional Scrum Team





掌握改善Scrum和Azure DevOps開發的成熟流程

這本指南可以幫助任何開發團隊更有效地計劃、追蹤和管理工作,結合當今領先的敏捷框架(Scrum)和微軟的ALM/DevOps工具組(Azure DevOps)。著名的Scrum專家Richard Hundhausen全面介紹了團隊組建、待辦事項、Sprint、測試計劃、協作、流程、持續改進、Azure Boards、Azure Test Plans以及與DevOps相關的現實折衷。在整本書中,您將找到來自經驗豐富的專業Scrum開發人員的實用建議。為了使這本指南更有價值,Hundhausen將其組織成與Scrum.org的熱門Professional Scrum Developer(PSD)課程相輔相成,該課程是他與Scrum.org的Ken Schwaber共同創建的,Ken Schwaber也是本書的前言作者。

Professional Scrum培訓師Richard Hundhausen展示了如何:
- 深入了解Scrum框架和基於2020 Scrum指南的專業Scrum。
- 提供經過驗證的工作項目計劃和追蹤,並快速從Azure Boards中獲得價值。
- 改進Scrum的“預備工作”,即在第一個Sprint之前要執行的任務。
- 使用Azure DevOps創建和管理待辦事項、計劃Sprint並在其中進行協作。
- 通過Scaled Professional Scrum和Nexus擴展Scrum框架來實現規模化改進。
- 確定哪些實踐在沒有工具的情況下仍然最有效。
- 定義和優化團隊流程,克服常見的功能障礙,發展成高效的專業Scrum團隊。

- 適用於所有與Scrum相關或依賴Scrum的人,包括開發人員、設計師、架構師、測試人員、業務分析師、產品負責人、Scrum Master、經理和其他利益相關者。
- 主要關注使用Scrum開發軟件產品,但也可支持解決任何複雜問題的適應性解決方案的開發。