Microsoft Azure Compute: The Definitive Guide

Valiramani, Avinash

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Proven best practices for success with every Azure compute service!




Compute services are key to most Azure cloud solutions, but maximizing their value requires best-practice planning, design, deployment, and operations. Now, leading consultant Avinash Valiramani presents expert guidance for driving maximum value from Microsoft's portfolio of Azure compute services for IaaS, PaaS, and FaaS. Drawing on his extensive work with Microsoft's Azure teams, he covers Azure VMs, VM Scale Sets, App Services, Azure Virtual Desktops, Azure Container Instances, Azure Functions, Azure Batch, and other Compute services. Whatever your role in delivering efficient, scalable compute services, this deep dive will help you make the most of your Azure investment.




Leading Azure consultant Avinash Valiramani shows how to:



  • Dive deeply into the frequently used Azure Compute services to better understand how each service works
  • Walk through configuring each compute service and its related features and options
  • Size, price, and create Azure VMs, and deliver the right levels of redundancy and availability
  • Use VM Scale Sets (VMSS) to integrate VMs with load balancing and autoscaling
  • Host web applications, mobile app back ends, and REST APIs via Azure App Service
  • Run desktops-as-a-service at scale with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
  • Easily deploy containers on demand with Azure Container Instances (ACIs)
  • Use serverless Azure Functions to build web APIs, process streams, and manage message queues










About this Book



  • For everyone interested in Azure infrastructure, including IT/cloud admins, security specialists, developers, engineers, and others at all levels of Azure compute experience.
  • Especially useful for experienced IT pros in mid-sized to large organizations who have deployed, operated, monitored, upgraded, migrated, or designed infrastructure services.




運用每個 Azure 計算服務的成功實踐!

計算服務是大多數 Azure 雲端解決方案的關鍵,但要最大化其價值,需要最佳實踐的規劃、設計、部署和操作。現在,領先的顧問 Avinash Valiramani 提供了專家指導,以實現對 Microsoft Azure 計算服務(IaaS、PaaS 和 FaaS)組合的最大價值。他根據與 Microsoft Azure 團隊的廣泛合作經驗,涵蓋了 Azure VM、VM Scale Sets、App Services、Azure Virtual Desktops、Azure Container Instances、Azure Functions、Azure Batch 和其他計算服務。無論您在提供高效可擴展計算服務方面的角色是什麼,這次深入探討將幫助您充分利用 Azure 投資。

領先的 Azure 顧問 Avinash Valiramani 展示了如何:

  • 深入研究常用的 Azure 計算服務,以更好地了解每個服務的運作方式

  • 逐步配置每個計算服務及其相關功能和選項

  • 調整、定價和創建 Azure VM,並提供適當的冗余和可用性

  • 使用 VM Scale Sets (VMSS) 將 VM 與負載平衡和自動擴展集成

  • 通過 Azure App Service 托管網絡應用程序、移動應用程序後端和 REST API

  • 使用 Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) 在大規模上運行桌面即服務

  • 使用 Azure Container Instances (ACIs) 快速部署容器

  • 使用無伺服器的 Azure Functions 構建網絡 API、處理流和管理訊息佇列


  • 適合所有對 Azure 基礎架構感興趣的人,包括 IT/雲端管理員、安全專家、開發人員、工程師和所有 Azure 計算經驗層次的人。

  • 尤其適用於在中型到大型組織中具有部署、操作、監控、升級、遷移或設計基礎架構服務經驗的經驗豐富的 IT 專業人員。


Avinash Valiramani is an IT Infrastructure and Cloud Architect with more than 15 years of expertise in areas of Microsoft Technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Office365, Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, SCCM, Intune, Hyper-V, and others. He is a certified Architect on Azure and Microsoft365 and primarily helps enterprises globally in their Cloud Roadmap Architecture and Onboarding/Migration Strategies & Implementation. Avinash is publishing four books on Microsoft Azure Best Practices series including this current one, collating real-world experiences to deliver a comprehensive and concise experience for new and budding technologists. Avinash also holds certifications in Barracuda, AWS, Citrix, VMware, and many other IT/Security industry certifications to complement his Microsoft expertise. He has authored a course of Azure Virtual Desktop for O'Reilly Media and is planning many others in the coming months. You can follow Avinash on Twitter at @avaliramani.



Avinash Valiramani是一位IT基礎架構和雲架構師,擁有超過15年的Microsoft技術領域專業知識,包括Microsoft Azure、Microsoft 365、Office365、Windows Server、Microsoft Exchange、SCCM、Intune、Hyper-V等。他是Azure和Microsoft365的認證架構師,主要協助全球企業制定雲路徑架構和上線/遷移策略與實施。Avinash正在出版四本關於Microsoft Azure最佳實踐系列的書籍,包括目前這本,彙總了真實世界的經驗,為新手和初學者提供全面而簡潔的體驗。Avinash還擁有Barracuda、AWS、Citrix、VMware和其他IT/安全行業認證,以補充他的Microsoft專業知識。他為O'Reilly Media撰寫了一門關於Azure虛擬桌面的課程,並計劃在未來幾個月內推出更多課程。您可以在Twitter上關注Avinash,用戶名為@avaliramani。