Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step, 10/e (Paperback)

Sharp, John

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  • 出版日期: 2022-04-11
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  • ISBN: 0137619839
  • ISBN-13: 9780137619832
  • 相關分類: C#Visual C#
  • 相關翻譯: Visual C# 從入門到精通, 10/e (簡中版)
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Your hands-on guide to Visual C# fundamentals with Visual Studio 2022




Expand your expertise--and teach yourself the fundamentals of programming the latest version of Visual C# with Visual Studio 2022. This book provides software developers all the guidance, exercises, and code needed to start building responsive, scalable, cloud-connected applications that can run almost anywhere.





Discover how to:







  • Quickly start creating Visual C# code and projects with Visual Studio
  • Work with variables, operators, expressions, methods, and program flow
  • Build more robust apps with error, exception, and resource management
  • Spot problems fast with the integrated Visual Studio 2022 debugger
  • Master new default interface methods, static local functions, async disposable types, and other enhancements
  • Make the most of the C# object model, and create functional data structures
  • Leverage advanced properties, indexers, generics, and collection classes
  • Create Windows 11 apps that share data, collaborate, and use cloud services
  • Use lightweight records to build immutable reference types more easily
  • Perform complex queries over object collections with LINQ
  • Improve application throughput and response time with asynchronous methods
  • Use delegates and decoupling to construct highly extensible systems
  • Customize C# operator behavior over your own classes and structures
  • Implement the powerful Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern
  • Build UWP applications that retrieve complex data and present it intuitively

















您的Visual C#基礎指南,搭配Visual Studio 2022

擴展您的專業知識,並自學最新版本的Visual C#和Visual Studio 2022的程式設計基礎。本書提供軟體開發人員所需的所有指導、練習和程式碼,以開始建立具有響應性、可擴展性和雲端連接功能的應用程式,幾乎可以在任何地方運行。

- 使用Visual Studio快速開始創建Visual C#程式碼和專案
- 使用變數、運算子、表達式、方法和程式流程進行工作
- 透過錯誤、例外和資源管理來建立更強大的應用程式
- 使用整合的Visual Studio 2022調試器快速解決問題
- 掌握新的預設介面方法、靜態本地函數、非同步可處置類型和其他增強功能
- 充分利用C#物件模型,並創建功能性資料結構
- 利用高級屬性、索引子、泛型和集合類別
- 創建共享資料、協作和使用雲端服務的Windows 11應用程式
- 使用輕量級記錄更輕鬆地建立不可變參考類型
- 使用LINQ對物件集合進行複雜查詢
- 透過非同步方法提高應用程式的吞吐量和響應時間
- 使用委派和解耦合構建高度可擴展的系統
- 自訂C#運算子行為以適用於自己的類別和結構
- 實現強大的Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)模式
- 建立擷取複雜資料並直觀呈現的UWP應用程式


John Sharp is a principal technologist for CM Group Ltd, part of the Civica Group, a software development and consultancy company in the United Kingdom. He is well versed as a software consultant, developer, author, and trainer, with more than 35 years of experience, ranging from Pascal programming on CP/M and C/Oracle application development on various flavors of UNIX to the design of C# and JavaScript distributed applications and development on Windows 11 and Microsoft Azure. He also spends much of his time writing courseware for Microsoft, focusing on areas such as data science using R and Python, big data processing with Spark and CosmosDB, SQL Server, NoSQL, web services, Blazor, cross-platform development with frameworks such as Xamarin and MAUI, and scalable application architectures with Azure.



John Sharp是CM Group Ltd的首席技術專家,該公司是Civica Group的一部分,是一家位於英國的軟件開發和咨詢公司。他是一位經驗豐富的軟件顧問、開發人員、作者和培訓師,擁有超過35年的經驗,從在CP/M上使用Pascal編程和在各種UNIX版本上進行C/Oracle應用程序開發,到設計C#和JavaScript分佈式應用程序以及在Windows 11和Microsoft Azure上進行開發。他還花了很多時間為Microsoft撰寫課程材料,重點涉及使用R和Python進行數據科學、使用Spark和CosmosDB進行大數據處理、SQL Server、NoSQL、Web服務、Blazor、使用Xamarin和MAUI等框架進行跨平台開發,以及使用Azure進行可擴展的應用程序架構。