Exam Ref Az-801 Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services

Thomas, Orin

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  • 出版日期: 2022-10-27
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Direct from Microsoft, this Exam Ref is the official study guide for the new Microsoft AZ-801 Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services certification exam.

Exam Ref AZ-801 Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services offers professional-level preparation that helps candidates maximize their exam performance and sharpen their skills on the job. It focuses on helping modern IT professionals demonstrate real-world mastery of the skills needed to help design, implement, and manage Windows Server advanced services in a hybrid cloud environment. Learn how to:

  • Secure Windows Server on-premises and hybrid infrastructures
  • Implement and manage Windows Server High Availability
  • Implement disaster recovery
  • Migrate servers and workloads
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Windows Server environments

Microsoft Exam Ref publications stand apart from third-party study guides because they:

  • Provide guidance from Microsoft, the creator of Microsoft certification exams
  • Target IT professional-level exam candidates with content focused on their needs, not one-size-fits-all content
  • Streamline study by organizing material according to the exam's objective domain (OD), covering one functional group and its objectives in each chapter
  • Offer concise overviews of every skill covered by the exam
  • Feature Thought Experiments and Thought Experiment Answers to guide candidates through a set of what if? scenarios, and prepare them more effectively for Pro-level style exam questions
  • Include Need more review? aids pointing you to more study materials if you need them
  • Explore big picture thinking around the planning and design aspects of the IT pro's job role
  • Deliver exam tips, summaries, and inline questions and answers to help you identify key points
  • Include Need more review? reader aids pointing to more study materials when readers need them

For more information on Exam AZ-801 and the Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate credential, visit https: //docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/az-801.


這本《考試參考書 AZ-801 配置 Windows Server 混合高級服務》是由微軟直接提供的官方學習指南,專為新的微軟 AZ-801 配置 Windows Server 混合高級服務認證考試而編寫。

《考試參考書 AZ-801 配置 Windows Server 混合高級服務》提供專業級的準備,幫助考生最大限度地提升考試表現,並在工作中提升技能。它專注於幫助現代 IT 專業人員展示在混合雲環境中設計、實施和管理 Windows Server 高級服務所需的實際技能。學習如何:

- 保護本地和混合基礎架構上的 Windows Server
- 實施和管理 Windows Server 高可用性
- 實施災難恢復
- 遷移伺服器和工作負載
- 監控和疑難排解 Windows Server 環境


- 提供微軟的指導,微軟是微軟認證考試的創建者
- 面向 IT 專業級考試候選人,內容專注於他們的需求,而不是通用的內容
- 通過根據考試目標領域(OD)組織材料,每章涵蓋一個功能組和其目標,簡化學習
- 提供對考試涵蓋的每個技能的簡明概述
- 提供思考實驗和思考實驗答案,引導考生進行一系列假設情景,更有效地準備專業級風格的考試問題
- 如果需要,提供更多的學習資料指引
- 探索 IT 專業人員工作角色的規劃和設計方面的整體思維
- 提供考試提示、摘要和內嵌問答,幫助您識別關鍵點
- 如果需要,提供更多的學習資料指引

有關 AZ-801 考試和微軟認證:Windows Server 混合管理員副證書的更多信息,請訪問 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/az-801。