Microsoft 365 Administration Inside Out

Guilmette, Aaron, Kegg, Darryl, Fisher, Ed

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Conquer Microsoft 365 administration, from the inside out!

Dive into Microsoft 365 administration and harness the full power of cloud scaling, automation, and availability in Microsoft 365! This supremely well-organized reference packs hundreds of time-saving solutions, tips, and workarounds; all you need to continually enhance organizational agility, productivity, and security. Three Microsoft insiders help you fully leverage Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), Azure AD, Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and more. Discover how experts tackle today's key tasks and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery.

  • Plan deployment, understand downstream impacts, and avoid pitfalls
  • Prepare your environment, establish governance, and enforce compliance
  • Assess and improve security posture with Microsoft 365 Secure Score
  • Move to identity-based security with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)
  • Plan identity types, authentication, identity federation, and AAD Connect deployment
  • Replace costly premises infrastructure with cloud-based Azure synchronization
  • Manage complex Azure AD scenarios such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • Automate Azure to improve consistency, security, and standardization
  • Prepare for Exchange Online cloud-only deployments, hybrid coexistence, and migration
  • Move mailboxes and public folders to Exchange Online
  • Understand Microsoft Teams concepts, architecture, and user interface
  • Support meetings, webinars, and live events
  • Deliver full-featured telephony solutions with Teams Phone System
  • Implement telephony scheduling, room collaboration, automation, and IVR
  • Use SharePoint Online to manage content and extend it with analytics and dashboards

For IT Professionals and Consultants

  • Your role: You have, or will have, responsibilities for deploying, migrating to, or managing some or all of a Microsoft 365 environment
  • Prerequisites: For individuals at any stage of their cloud journey


征服 Microsoft 365 管理,從內而外!

深入研究 Microsoft 365 管理,充分利用 Microsoft 365 的雲端擴展、自動化和可用性!這本組織得非常有條理的參考書籍提供了數百個節省時間的解決方案、技巧和解決方法;讓您能夠不斷提升組織的靈活性、生產力和安全性。三位 Microsoft 內部人員幫助您充分利用 Microsoft Purview、Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)、Azure AD、Exchange Online、Microsoft Teams、SharePoint Online、OneDrive for Business 等。了解專家如何應對當今的關鍵任務,並挑戰自己達到新的掌握水平。

- 規劃部署,了解下游影響並避免陷阱
- 準備環境,建立治理並強制執行合規性
- 使用 Microsoft 365 安全評分評估和改善安全狀態
- 使用 Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) 實施基於身份的安全
- 規劃身份類型、身份驗證、身份聯合和 AAD Connect 部署
- 使用基於雲端的 Azure 同步替換昂貴的本地基礎設施
- 管理複雜的 Azure AD 情境,如合併、收購和分拆
- 自動化 Azure 以提高一致性、安全性和標準化
- 為 Exchange Online 僅雲端部署、混合共存和遷移做準備
- 將郵箱和公共資料夾移至 Exchange Online
- 了解 Microsoft Teams 的概念、架構和使用者介面
- 支援會議、網絡研討會和現場活動
- 使用 Teams Phone System 提供功能完整的電話解決方案
- 實施電話排程、會議室協作、自動化和互動式語音回應系統
- 使用 SharePoint Online 管理內容並通過分析和儀表板擴展功能

適用於 IT 專業人士和顧問

- 您的角色:您已經或將要負責部署、遷移或管理 Microsoft 365 環境的某些或全部工作
- 先決條件:適用於任何階段的雲端旅程中的個人


Aaron Guilmette is a Senior Program Manager for Customer Experience at Microsoft and provides guidance and assistance to customers adopting the Microsoft 365 platform, focusing on messaging, identity, automation, and security solutions. You can follow Aaron on LinkedIn at

Darryl Kegg is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, dedicated to deploying Microsoft 365 and Azure technologies with a focus on identity, security, and access management. Darryl has been involved in deploying Microsoft 365 to government, education, healthcare, and commercial customers since its launch in 2011 and has helped migrate 15+ million users to Azure. You can follow Darryl on LinkedIn at

Ed Fisher is a Technical Solution Leader-Security at Microsoft, focusing on helping customers evaluate, deploy, and adopt Microsoft 365 collaboration technologies, networking, and security solutions. His focus is on Microsoft's XDR and SIEM platforms and Microsoft Defender for Office. Find out more at


Aaron Guilmette 是微軟的高級計畫經理,負責為採用 Microsoft 365 平台的客戶提供指導和協助,專注於訊息、身份、自動化和安全解決方案。您可以在 LinkedIn 上關注 Aaron,網址為。

Darryl Kegg 是微軟的高級計畫經理,專注於部署 Microsoft 365 和 Azure 技術,重點是身份、安全和存取管理。自 2011 年推出以來,Darryl 參與了將 Microsoft 365 部署到政府、教育、醫療和商業客戶,並協助遷移了超過 1500 萬個使用者到 Azure。您可以在 LinkedIn 上關注 Darryl,網址為。

Ed Fisher 是微軟的技術解決方案領導者-安全,專注於幫助客戶評估、部署和採用 Microsoft 365 協作技術、網路和安全解決方案。他的重點是 Microsoft 的 XDR 和 SIEM 平台以及 Microsoft Defender for Office。詳細資訊請參閱。