Frontend from Scratch: HTML, CSS & Javascript for Total Beginners

Zavrel, Jan

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Learning the frontend web technologies is an essential step for any web developer. In this book, I will walk you through the basics of the three most important languages in the web development world, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.I will show you the history of web development, teach you the latest version of frontend languages and explain everything you need to know for a successful start of your developer career.My motto is that anyone can code. It doesn't matter who you are, what you know or where you come from. If you are willing to learn and work hard on yourself, you can grow literally from zero to hero and that's what this book is about.This book is not just about theory, you'll get a chance to test your knowledge thanks to dozens of examples I have prepared for you as downloadable material. So you'll be able to try and implement immediately what you will learn.Here's the content of the book: I. IntroductionI.1. Why web development?I.2. Frontend and BackendI.3. Development processI.4. ResourcesII. Frontend technologiesHTML------------II.1. HTMLII.1.1. Web standardsII.1.2. Anatomy of HTML tagII.1.3. Basic HTML document structureII.1.3.1. Nested tagsII.1.3.2. IndentationII.1.3.3. CharsetII.1.3.4. BodyII.1.3.5. Interpreting HTMLII.1.3.6. CommentsII.1.4. Content modelII.1.4.1. Block-level elementsII.1.4.2. Inline elementsII.1.4.3. DemonstrationII.1.4.4. Chrome developer toolsII.1.4.5. Document flowII.1.5. Basic HTML elementsII.1.5.1. HeadingsII.1.5.2. Semantic tagsII.1.5.3. ListsII.1.5.4. Character entitiesII.1.5.5. LinksII.1.5.6. ImagesII.1.5.7. TablesII.1.5.8. FormsII.1.5.9. HTML elements testCSS------------II.2. CSSII.2.1. Anatomy of CSS ruleII.2.2. StylesheetsII.2.3. User agent stylesheetII.2.4. SelectorsII.2.4.1. Element selectorII.2.4.2. Class selectorII.2.4.3. ID selectorII.2.4.4. Grouping selectorsII.2.4.5. Combining selectorsII. Element-class combinatorII. Child combinatorII. Descendant combinatorII. Adjacent sibling combinatorII. General sibling combinatorII.2.4.6. Pseudo-selectorsII. Pseudo-classesII. Pseudo-classes for linksII. Pseudo-classes for element childrenII. Pseudo-elementsII.2.5. Property value inferringII.2.5.1. BackgroundII.2.6. Margin & PaddingII.2.6.1. Cumulative marginsII.2.7. Styling list as menuII.2.8. CSS conflictsII.2.8.1. OriginII.2.8.2. MergeII.2.8.3. InheritanceII.2.8.4. SpecificityII.2.8.5. ImportantII.2.9. Styling textII.2.9.1. Font familyII.2.9.2. Text colorII.2.9.3. Font styleII.2.9.4. Font weightII.2.9.5. Font sizeII.2.9.6. Text transformationII.2.9.7. Text alignmentII.2.10. Element sizeII.2.10.1. Box sizingII.2.10.2. OverflowII.2.11. LayoutII.2.11.1. Element floatingII.2.11.2. Element positioningII.2.12. Media queriesII.2.12.1. Anatomy of a media queryII.2.12.2. Screen sizesII.2.12.3. Device toolbarII.2.12.4. ViewportII.2.13. Responsive designII.2.13.1. AlternativesII.2.13.2. Responsive gridII.2.14. MinificationII.2.15. PreprocessorsII.2.16. BootstrapII.2.16.1. InstallationII.2.16.2. Grid systemJavascript------------II.3. JavascriptII.3.1. Javascript examplesII.3.1.1. Test your skillsII.3.2. Event handlersII.3.3. DOM and BOMII.3.4. Where to place the code?II.3.5. Javascript basicsII.3.5.1. VariablesII.3.5.2. FunctionsII.3.5.3 TypesII. BooleanII. NumberII. StringII. UndefinedII. NullII. SymbolII. ObjectII.3.5.4. ConditionsII. If - elseII. SwitchII.3.5.5. EqualityII.3.5.6. Logical operatorsII.3.5.7. LoopsII. For loopII. While loopII.3.5.8. ArraysII.3.5.9. ObjectsII. Empty objectII. ConstructorII. Literal