Learning Github Actions: Automation and Integration of CI/CD with Github (Paperback)

Laster, Brent

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2023-09-26
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 109813107X
  • ISBN-13: 9781098131074
  • 相關分類: Version Control
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Automate your software development processes with GitHub Actions, the continuous integration and continuous delivery platform that integrates seamlessly with GitHub. With this practical book, open source author, trainer, and DevOps director Brent Laster explains everything you need to know about using and getting value from GitHub Actions. You'll learn what actions and workflows are and how they can be used, created, and incorporated into your processes to simplify, standardize, and automate your work in GitHub.

This book explains the platform, components, use cases, implementation, and integration points of actions, so you can leverage them to provide the functionality and features needed in today's complex pipelines and software development processes. You'll learn how to design and implement automated workflows that respond to common events like pushes, pull requests, and review updates. You'll understand how to use the components of the GitHub Actions platform to gain maximum automation and benefit.

With this book, you will:

  • Learn what GitHub Actions are, the various use cases for them, and how to incorporate them into your processes
  • Understand GitHub Actions' structure, syntax, and semantics
  • Automate processes and implement functionality
  • Create your own custom actions with Docker, JavaScript, or shell approaches
  • Troubleshoot and debug workflows that use actions
  • Combine actions with GitHub APIs and other integration options
  • Identify ways to securely implement workflows with GitHub Actions
  • Understand how GitHub Actions compares to other options


自動化您的軟體開發流程,使用與GitHub無縫整合的持續整合和持續交付平台GitHub Actions。在這本實用書中,開源作者、培訓師和DevOps總監Brent Laster解釋了您需要了解的有關使用和從GitHub Actions中獲得價值的一切。您將學習到什麼是actions和workflows,以及如何使用、創建和將它們納入您的流程中,以簡化、標準化和自動化GitHub中的工作。

本書解釋了actions的平台、組件、用例、實施和整合點,因此您可以利用它們提供當今複雜流程和軟體開發流程所需的功能和特性。您將學習如何設計和實施自動化工作流,以響應常見事件,如推送、拉取請求和審查更新。您將了解如何使用GitHub Actions平台的組件,以獲得最大的自動化和效益。

- 了解GitHub Actions是什麼,它們的各種用例以及如何將它們納入您的流程中
- 理解GitHub Actions的結構、語法和語義
- 自動化流程並實現功能
- 使用Docker、JavaScript或shell方法創建自己的自定義actions
- 處理使用actions的工作流的故障排除和調試
- 將actions與GitHub API和其他整合選項結合使用
- 確保使用GitHub Actions安全實施工作流
- 了解GitHub Actions與其他選項的比較