Typescript Cookbook: Real World Type-Level Programming

Baumgartner, Stefan

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2023-09-12
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  • ISBN: 1098136659
  • ISBN-13: 9781098136659
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TypeScript is one of the most important tools for JavaScript developers. Still, even experienced developers wonder why the TypeScript compiler is throwing squiggly red lines at them. Enter TypeScript Cookbook. With this practical guide, author Stefan Baumgartner provides senior engineers with solutions for everyday TypeScript problems.

If you're conversant with TypeScript as well as JavaScript basics, this book provides actionable recipes to help you tackle a wide array of issues. From setting up complex project structures to developing advanced helper types, each self-contained recipe guides you through the problem and discusses why and how a solution works.

The ideal companion for your ongoing TypeScript journey, this cookbook helps you:

  • Dive into the inner workings of the TypeScript type system
  • Integrate TypeScript into a variety of projects
  • Craft advanced type definitions that allow for flexible scenarios
  • Create useful helper types that function across projects
  • Ensure readability along with type safety
  • Create robust APIs for helper types and their coworkers
  • Strongly type function signatures that rely on string types
  • Work around limitations of the standard library
  • Integrate TypeScript into advanced React projects


TypeScript 是 JavaScript 開發者中最重要的工具之一。即使是有經驗的開發者,也會對 TypeScript 編譯器為什麼會在他們面前顯示紅色波浪線感到困惑。這時就需要《TypeScript Cookbook》登場了。在這本實用指南中,作者 Stefan Baumgartner 為資深工程師提供了解決日常 TypeScript 問題的解決方案。

如果你對 TypeScript 和 JavaScript 基礎都很熟悉,這本書提供了可行的解決方案,幫助你應對各種問題。從建立複雜的專案結構到開發高級輔助類型,每個獨立的範例都會引導你解決問題,並討論解決方案的原理和實現方式。

作為你 TypeScript 之旅的理想伴侶,這本食譜將幫助你:
- 深入了解 TypeScript 類型系統的內部運作
- 將 TypeScript 整合到各種專案中
- 創建高級類型定義,以應對各種彈性場景
- 創建可在多個專案中使用的實用輔助類型
- 確保可讀性和類型安全性
- 為輔助類型及其同事創建強大的 API
- 強類型化依賴於字符串類型的函數簽名
- 解決標準庫的限制
- 將 TypeScript 整合到高級 React 專案中