Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice, 8/e (GE-Paperback)

William Stallings




Dr. William Stallings is an American author. He has written textbooks on computer science topics such as operating systems, computer networks, computer organization, and cryptography. He also maintains a website titled Computer Science Student Resource. He has authored 17 titles, and counting revised editions, a total of over 40 books on various aspects of these subjects. In over 20 years in the field, he has been a technical contributor, technical manager, and an executive with several high-technology firms. Currently he is an independent consultant whose clients have included computer and networking manufacturers and customers, software development firms, and leading-edge government research institutions.

Stallings received his doctorate in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He has received the award for the best Computer Science textbook of the year from the Text and Academic Authors Association three times.

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Dr. William Stallings是一位美國作家。他撰寫了關於計算機科學主題的教科書,包括作業系統、計算機網絡、計算機組織和密碼學等。他還維護著一個名為《計算機科學學生資源》的網站。他已經撰寫了17本書,並且根據修訂版的計算,總共超過40本關於這些主題的書籍。在這個領域超過20年的時間裡,他曾擔任過技術貢獻者、技術經理和幾家高科技公司的執行官。目前,他是一位獨立顧問,他的客戶包括計算機和網絡製造商、軟件開發公司和領先的政府研究機構。


他曾三次獲得了來自Text and Academic Authors Association的年度最佳計算機科學教科書獎。