Practical Gitops: Infrastructure Management Using Terraform, Aws, and Github Actions

Salecha, Rohit

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Manage the state of the infrastructure deployed on cloud through a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is gaining popularity and developers today are deploying their complete production environments through IaC tools to cloud environments. However, it can become extremely difficult and time-consuming to manage the state of the infrastructure that has been deployed. Practical GitOps features practical examples like deploying a WordPress application on AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, Elastic File Service, and Relational Database Service as viable solutions to managing the process.

Split into two parts, the first will focus around the practical, hands-on tasks involved like setting up WordPress on AWS using Terraform as well as exploring best practices regarding infrastructure management and exploring Kubernetes and GitHub Actions in relation to a multi-environment setting. The second will look at the challenges that developers and sysadmins face whilst deploying infrastructures onto cloud environments like authentication, authorization, security, back-end and disaster management.

What You'll Learn

  • Perform proper state management with Terraform
  • See how most of your infrastructure can be stored in code and deployed on every commit
  • Execute a review of your infrastructure changes

Who This Book Is For

Developers, infrastructure administrators, Cloud professionals, DevOps professionals, managers and other professionals who wish to understand the most practical ways to deploy infrastructure through code in a continuous manner


透過持續整合和持續部署(CI/CD)流程,管理部署在雲端上的基礎架構的狀態。基礎架構即程式碼(IaC)正變得越來越受歡迎,開發人員現在使用IaC工具將完整的生產環境部署到雲端環境中。然而,管理已部署的基礎架構的狀態可能變得非常困難且耗時。《實用的GitOps》提供了實際範例,例如在AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service、Elastic File Service和Relational Database Service上部署WordPress應用程式,作為管理此過程的可行解決方案。

本書分為兩部分,第一部分將著重於實際的操作任務,例如使用Terraform在AWS上設置WordPress,並探索基礎架構管理的最佳實踐,以及在多環境設定中探索Kubernetes和GitHub Actions。第二部分將探討開發人員和系統管理員在將基礎架構部署到雲端環境時面臨的挑戰,例如身份驗證、授權、安全性、後端和災難管理。


  • 使用Terraform進行正確的狀態管理

  • 了解大部分基礎架構可以以程式碼形式存儲並在每次提交時部署

  • 執行基礎架構變更的審查




Rohit Salecha is a technology enthusiast with over 11 years of experience in IT and the Cybersecurity industry. He loves to find security flaws in the web applications and api's, automate boring tasks and tinker around with new tech and help design secure by default systems. Lately, he has become quite smitten by the DevOps technologies and techniques and loves tinkering around with them.


Rohit Salecha 是一位科技愛好者,在IT和網絡安全行業擁有超過11年的經驗。他喜歡在網絡應用程序和API中尋找安全漏洞,自動化乏味的任務,並嘗試新技術,幫助設計默認安全的系統。最近,他對DevOps技術和技巧非常著迷,並喜歡在其中進行嘗試。