Introducing .Net Maui: Build and Deploy Cross-Platform Applications Using C# and .Net Multi-Platform App Ui (Paperback)

Lawrence, Shaun

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  • 出版日期: 2023-03-31
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1484292332
  • ISBN-13: 9781484292334
  • 相關分類: .NETC#
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Interested in giving Microsoft's new Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) a try? This book provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools and hands-on coding to build their own cross-platform applications.

The book is a comprehensive end-to-end guide on creating, building, and distributing .NET MAUI applications. As you walk through each new concept, .NET MAUI expert and Microsoft MVP Shaun Lawrence will show the concept's value and uses, and then have you apply it in a build-along application. You will work with this build-along application right up until you are ready to ship it to the relevant stores (e.g., App Store, etc.).

The underlying theme through the book is to explain a key concept, show how to implement it directly in order to reinforce your understanding, and then show potential simplifications (e.g., alternative libraries) that can help you reduce the complexities of an applications code base.

What You Will Learn


  • Create a .NET MAUI application
  • Apply commonly required techniques
  • Apply more advanced techniques to make applications stand out
  • Know what to consider when distributing applications to the relevant stores
  • Take an application from concept through to production




Who This Book Is For

Developers who are new to .NET MAUI and cross-platform development. A basic knowledge of C# is required, but no prior knowledge using .NET MAUI is required. Experienced developers also will find the book useful as it covers topics key to modern day development (such as accessibility, performance, and distribution). Xamarin Forms developers will find the book useful as key features new to .NET MAUI that will aid in the migration from Xamarin Forms to .NET MAUI are explained.



這本書是一本關於創建、構建和分發.NET MAUI應用程式的全面指南。當您逐步了解每個新概念時,.NET MAUI專家和Microsoft MVP Shaun Lawrence將展示該概念的價值和用途,然後讓您在一個構建應用程式的過程中應用它。您將與這個構建應用程式一起工作,直到準備將其發佈到相關商店(例如App Store等)。



- 創建.NET MAUI應用程式
- 應用常用技術
- 應用更高級的技術使應用程式脫穎而出
- 在將應用程式分發到相關商店時需要考慮什麼
- 將應用程式從概念到生產

這本書適合對.NET MAUI和跨平台開發新手的開發人員。需要基本的C#知識,但不需要事先了解.NET MAUI。有經驗的開發人員也會發現這本書很有用,因為它涵蓋了現代開發的關鍵主題(如可訪問性、性能和分發)。Xamarin Forms開發人員也會發現這本書很有用,因為它解釋了對.NET MAUI有幫助的Xamarin Forms的新功能,有助於從Xamarin Forms遷移到.NET MAUI。


Shaun Lawrence is an experienced software engineer who has been specializing in building mobile and desktop applications for the past 15 years. He is a recognized Microsoft MVP in Development Technologies with his work helping the community learn and build with Xamarin Forms, the predecessor to .NET MAUI. His recent discovery of the value he can add by sharing his experience with others has thrust him on to the path of wanting to find any way possible to continue it.

Shaun actively maintains several open-source projects within the .NET community. A key project for the scope of this book is the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit where he predominantly focuses on building good quality documentation for developers to consume. Shaun lives in the United Kingdom with his wife, two children, and their dog.


Shaun Lawrence是一位經驗豐富的軟體工程師,專注於開發行動和桌面應用程式已有15年。他是一位在開發技術領域被認可的微軟MVP,他的工作幫助社群學習和使用Xamarin Forms,這是.NET MAUI的前身。最近,他發現通過與他人分享經驗可以增加價值,因此他希望找到任何可能的方式繼續這樣做。

Shaun在.NET社群中積極維護多個開源專案。對於本書的範圍來說,一個關鍵的專案是.NET MAUI社群工具包,他主要致力於為開發人員建立高品質的文件。Shaun與妻子、兩個孩子和他們的狗居住在英國。