Foundations for Analytics with Python: From Non-Programmer to Hacker (Paperback)

Clinton W. Brownley





Many of Excel's 750 million users would like to do more with their data, such as repeating similar analyses over hundreds of files or combining the data in many files for analysis at one time. This practical guide shows ambitious non-programmers how to automate and scale data processing and analysis of different data formats with Python, using business-relevant examples with complete, easy-to-read code.

Beginning with the basics of Python, author Clinton Brownley shows you how to deal with Excel, CSV, and text files in Python, leading up to scheduling scripts to automatically gather and process information without human intervention. More practical than many other introductions to Python, this book gives you skills you can immediately apply in your job.

  • Automate and scale data processing with only a knowledge of Excel
  • Get an excellent, practical introduction to scripting languages in general
  • Learn techniques through real-world business examples, including three in-depth projects