Head First Git: A Learner's Guide to Understanding Git from the Inside Out (Paperback)

Gandhi, Raju



What will you learn from this book?

Many people who use Git rely on "recipes"—basic copy-paste commands—without understanding how this version control system actually works. But what do you do if you find yourself in a tight spot? You can't simply wing it. With this unique hands-on guide, you'll learn valuable ways to use Git in many different situations. Raju Gandhi peels back the layers to reveal the simple yet powerful engine that powers Git, with activities that help you truly understand this crucial tool as you get it up and running. You’ll master branches, tags, stashes, and merges; learn best practices; collaborate with your team; and unlock the full potential of Git.

What’s so special about this book?

If you've read a Head First book, you know what to expect—a visually rich format designed for the way your brain works. If you haven't, you're in for a treat. With this book, you’ll learn Git through a multi-sensory experience that engages your mind, rather than a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep.



許多使用Git的人依賴於「食譜」,也就是基本的複製貼上指令,卻不了解這個版本控制系統的實際運作方式。但如果你陷入困境該怎麼辦呢?你不能只靠瞎猜。透過這本獨特的實作指南,你將學到在各種不同情境下如何有效地使用Git。Raju Gandhi揭開Git的層層面紗,透過活動幫助你真正理解這個重要工具的運作方式。你將掌握分支、標籤、暫存和合併的技巧,學習最佳實踐,與團隊合作,並發揮Git的全部潛力。


如果你讀過Head First系列的書,你就知道可以期待什麼──一個視覺豐富的格式,設計符合你的大腦運作方式。如果你還沒讀過,那你將會有驚喜。透過這本書,你將透過多感官的體驗來學習Git,讓你的思維參與其中,而不是以文字為主的方式讓你昏昏欲睡。


Raju has long been in the pursuit of hermeticism across the development stack by championing immutability during development (with languages like Clojure), deployment (leveraging tools like Docker and Kubernetes), and provisioning and configuration via code (toolkits like Ansible, Terraform, Packer, everything-as-code).Raju is also the author of JavaScript Next: Your Complete Guide to the New Features Introduced in JavaScript, Starting from ES6 to ES9, Apress, October 2019.


Raju一直以來都在開發堆疊中追求密閉性,他在開發過程中倡導不可變性(使用像Clojure這樣的語言),在部署中利用Docker和Kubernetes等工具,以及通過代碼進行配置和設置(像Ansible、Terraform、Packer等工具)。Raju還是《JavaScript Next: Your Complete Guide to the New Features Introduced in JavaScript, Starting from ES6 to ES9》一書的作者,該書由Apress於2019年10月出版。