Azure Infrastructure as Code: With Arm Templates and Bicep

Been, Henry, Staal, Erwin, Keiholz, Eduard

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Master ARM templates, Bicep, and other Azure Infrastructure-as-Code tools, techniques, and practices to build infrastructure on the Azure cloud.

In Azure Infrastructure as Code you will learn how to:

Create reusable infrastructure templates using advanced features of the ARM (Azure Resource Manager) syntax
Write templates with the Azure Bicep domain-specific language (DSL)
Test ARM and Bicep templates
Deploy templates using deployment pipelines
Guarantee repeated outcomes when you reuse templates to replicate infrastructure
Share templates between teams
Provision templates to provide standards and Azure Policy to enforce them
Orchestrate complex deployments using Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions
Pre-provision environments for other teams with deployment stacks

Azure Infrastructure as Code teaches you to use Azure's native infrastructure as code (IaC) tools, like ARM and Bicep, to build, manage, and scale infrastructure with just a few lines of code. You'll discover ARM templates, deployment stacks, and the powerful new language Bicep. See how easy they make it to create new environments, safely make infrastructure changes, govern your resources using Azure Policy, and prevent configuration drift. Loaded with in-depth coverage of syntax and lots of illustrative examples, this hands-on guide is a must-read for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of provisioning.

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About the technology
Automating tasks like provisioning servers, operating systems, and storage, saves time and radically increases consistency. The Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach brings the tools and practices of application deployment, such as Github Actions, automated testing, and pipeline-driven deployments, to infrastructure components. With Azure's native IaC tools, you can create whole new infrastructures with just a few lines of code using declarative specifications and an intuitive domain-specific language.

About the book
Azure Infrastructure as Code shows you how to manage and automate your infrastructure using Azure's IaC tools. In this practical guide, you'll discover how to set up Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates and to script infrastructure creation using the Bicep DSL. You'll also explore advanced topics such as testing, reusing templates, and defining policies as code. You'll even build a complete CI/CD pipeline that can orchestrate a complex infrastructure deployment across multiple regions.

What's inside

Create reusable infrastructure templates
Write templates with the Azure Bicep domain-specific language
Deploy templates using deployment pipelines
Share templates between teams

About the reader
For operations, infrastructure, or software engineers with some Azure experience.

About the author
Henry Been is a freelance DevOps and Azure architect and consultant. Erwin Staal is an Azure architect and DevOps consultant. Eduard Keilholz is a cloud solution architect.

Table of Contents
1 Infrastructure as Code
2 Writing your first ARM template
3 Writing ARM templates
4 Deploying ARM templates
5 Writing advanced ARM templates
6 Simplifying ARM templates using the Bicep DSL
7 Complex deployments using Azure DevOps
8 Complex deployments using GitHub Actions
9 Testing ARM templates
10 Template specs and Bicep registries: Building a repository of templates
11 Using deployment stacks for grouping resources
12 Governing your subscriptions using Azure Policy
13 Case studies


精通 ARM 模板、Bicep 和其他 Azure 基礎架構即代碼工具、技術和實踐,以在 Azure 雲上建立基礎架構。

在《Azure 基礎架構即代碼》中,您將學習以下內容:
- 使用 ARM(Azure 資源管理器)語法的高級功能創建可重複使用的基礎架構模板
- 使用 Azure Bicep 領域特定語言(DSL)編寫模板
- 測試 ARM 和 Bicep 模板
- 使用部署管道部署模板
- 確保重複的結果,以便在複製基礎架構時重複使用模板
- 在團隊之間共享模板
- 使用模板提供標準和 Azure 政策以強制執行
- 使用 Azure DevOps 和 GitHub Actions 編排複雜的部署
- 使用部署堆疊為其他團隊預先配置環境

《Azure 基礎架構即代碼》教您如何使用 Azure 的原生基礎架構即代碼(IaC)工具,如 ARM 和 Bicep,僅需幾行代碼即可建立、管理和擴展基礎架構。您將了解 ARM 模板、部署堆疊和功能強大的新語言 Bicep。看看它們如何輕鬆地創建新環境、安全地進行基礎架構更改、使用 Azure 政策管理資源並防止配置漂移。本書深入介紹語法並提供大量實例,是任何想擴展其配置知識的人必讀的指南。

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自動化像伺服器、作業系統和儲存等的配置任務可以節省時間,並極大地提高一致性。基礎架構即代碼(IaC)方法將應用程式部署的工具和實踐(如 Github Actions、自動化測試和基於管道的部署)應用於基礎架構組件。使用 Azure 的原生 IaC 工具,您可以使用聲明性規範和直觀的領域特定語言僅需幾行代碼創建全新的基礎架構。

《Azure 基礎架構即代碼》向您展示如何使用 Azure 的 IaC 工具來管理和自動化基礎架構。在這本實用指南中,您將了解如何設置 Azure 資源管理器(ARM)模板,並使用 Bicep DSL 腳本化基礎架構創建。您還將探索測試、重複使用模板和定義政策作為代碼等高級主題。您甚至可以構建一個完整的 CI/CD 管道,可以在多個區域中編排複雜的基礎架構部署。

- 創建可重複使用的基礎架構模板
- 使用 Azure Bicep 領域特定語言編寫模板
- 使用部署管道部署模板
- 在團隊之間共享模板

對 Azure 有一定經驗的運維、基礎架構或軟體工程師。

Henry Been 是一名自由職業 DevOps 和 Azure 架構師和顧問。
Erwin Staal 是一名 Azure 架構師和 DevOps 顧問。
Eduard Keilholz 是一名雲解決方案架構師。

第 1 部分:介紹
1 基礎架構即代碼
2 撰寫您的第一個 ARM 模板

第 2 部分:提升
3 撰寫 ARM 模板
4 部署 ARM 模板
5 撰寫高級 ARM 模板
6 使用 Bicep DSL 簡化 ARM 模板
7 使用 Azure DevOps 進行複雜部署
8 使用 GitHub Actions 進行複雜部署
9 測試 ARM 模板

第 3 部分:高級主題
10 模板規範和 Bicep 註冊表:建立模板庫
11 使用部署堆疊對資源進行分組
12 使用 Azure Policy 管理訂閱
13 案例研究


Henry Been is a freelance DevOps and Azure architect and consultant, with 10 years of Azure experience. He has helped many of his customers adopt infrastructure as code practices, such as ARM templates. Henry is a regular conference speaker and enjoys creating online courses. In 2019 and 2020, Microsoft has recognized his community activities with the Microsoft MVP Award.

Erwin Staal is an Azure architect and DevOps consultant with more than 10 years of experience in both small and large organizations. As a DevOps consultant, he helps companies with the implementation of DevOps and continuous delivery.

Eduard Keilholz is a cloud solution architect who creates highly performant software. His focus is on the Microsoft development stack, mainly C# and the Microsoft Azure Cloud. He speaks at national and international conferences, and in 2020 he was recognized by Microsoft with the Microsoft MVP Award for Azure


Henry Been 是一位自由職業的 DevOps 和 Azure 架構師和顧問,擁有 10 年的 Azure 經驗。他幫助許多客戶採用基礎架構即代碼的實踐,例如 ARM 模板。Henry 是一位常規的會議演講者,並喜歡創建在線課程。在 2019 年和 2020 年,Microsoft 通過 Microsoft MVP 獎項表彰了他的社區活動。

Erwin Staal 是一位 Azure 架構師和 DevOps 顧問,擁有超過 10 年的小型和大型組織經驗。作為 DevOps 顧問,他幫助公司實施 DevOps 和持續交付。

Eduard Keilholz 是一位創建高性能軟件的雲解決方案架構師。他的重點是 Microsoft 開發堆棧,主要是 C# 和 Microsoft Azure Cloud。他在國內外會議上發表演講,並在 2020 年獲得了 Microsoft 頒發的 Azure Microsoft MVP 獎項的認可。