Agile Web Development with Rails 6

Ruby, Sam, Copeland, David B., Thomas, Dave

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Learn Rails the way the Rails core team recommends it, along with the tens of thousands of developers who have used this broad, far-reaching tutorial and reference. If you're new to Rails, you'll get step-by-step guidance. If you're an experienced developer, get the comprehensive, insider information you need for the latest version of Ruby on Rails. The new edition of this award-winning classic is completely updated for Rails 6 and Ruby 2.6, with information on system testing, Webpack, and advanced JavaScript.

Ruby on Rails helps you produce high-quality, beautiful-looking web applications quickly - you concentrate on creating the application, and Rails takes care of the details. Rails 6 brings many improvements, and this edition is updated to cover the new features and changes in best practices.

We start with a step-by-step walkthrough of building a real application, and in-depth chapters look at the built-in Rails features. Follow along with an extended tutorial as you write a web-based store application. Eliminate tedious configuration and housekeeping, seamlessly incorporate Ajax and JavaScript, send and receive emails, manage background jobs with ActiveJob, and build real-time features using WebSockets and ActionCable. Test your applications as you write them using the built-in unit, integration, and system testing frameworks, internationalize your applications, and deploy your applications easily and securely. New in this edition is coverage of Action Mailer, which allows you to receive emails in your app as well as ActionText, a zero-configuration rich text editing feature.

Rails 1.0 was released in December 2005. This book was there from the start, and didn't just evolve alongside Rails, it evolved with Rails. It has been developed in consultation with the Rails core team. In fact, Rails itself is tested against the code in this book.

What You Need:

All you need is a Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux machine to do development on. This book will take you through the steps to install Rails and its dependencies. If you aren't familiar with the Ruby programming language, this book contains a chapter that covers the basics necessary to understand the material in the book.


學習Rails的方式是Rails核心團隊和成千上萬的開發者推薦的方法,他們使用了這本廣泛而深入的教程和參考資料。如果你是Rails的新手,你將獲得逐步指導。如果你是一位有經驗的開發者,你將獲得最新版本Ruby on Rails的全面內部資訊。這本屢獲殊榮的經典著作的新版本完全更新為Rails 6和Ruby 2.6,並提供有關系統測試、Webpack和高級JavaScript的資訊。

Ruby on Rails幫助你快速製作高質量、外觀漂亮的網絡應用程序-你專注於創建應用程序,而Rails則負責處理細節。Rails 6帶來了許多改進,這本書的新版本已更新以涵蓋新功能和最佳實踐的變化。

我們從逐步構建一個真實應用程序的詳細步驟開始,並深入研究內置的Rails功能。在撰寫基於Web的商店應用程序時,跟隨擴展教程。消除繁瑣的配置和管理工作,無縫地整合Ajax和JavaScript,發送和接收電子郵件,使用ActiveJob管理後台作業,並使用WebSockets和ActionCable構建實時功能。在撰寫應用程序時使用內置的單元測試、集成測試和系統測試框架進行測試,國際化應用程序,並輕鬆安全地部署應用程序。本版新增了Action Mailer的涵蓋範圍,該功能允許您在應用程序中接收電子郵件,以及ActionText,一個零配置的豐富文本編輯功能。

Rails 1.0於2005年12月發布。這本書從一開始就存在,並且不僅僅是與Rails一起演進,而是與Rails一起演進。它是在與Rails核心團隊的諮詢中開發的。事實上,Rails本身是根據本書中的代碼進行測試的。

你所需要的只是一台Windows、Mac OS X或Linux機器進行開發。本書將引導您進行Rails及其相依項目的安裝步驟。如果您對Ruby編程語言不熟悉,本書包含了一章介紹基礎知識,以便理解書中的內容。


Sam Ruby is president of the Apache Software Foundation, previously co-chaired the W3C HTML Working Group, and has made significant contributions to many open source projects and standards.

David Bryant Copeland has been a professional programmer since 1995. He's the author of Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby 2 and Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap. He has worked at LivingSocial and Opower, and is the Chief Software Architect at Stitch Fix.

Dave Thomas, as one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, understands agility. As the author of Programming Ruby, he understands Ruby. And, as an active Rails developer, he knows Rails.


Sam Ruby是Apache Software Foundation的主席,曾共同主持W3C HTML工作小組,並對許多開源專案和標準做出了重要貢獻。

David Bryant Copeland自1995年以來一直是一名專業程式設計師。他是《Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby 2》和《Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap》的作者。他曾在LivingSocial和Opower工作,現任Stitch Fix的首席軟體架構師。

Dave Thomas作為敏捷宣言的作者之一,了解敏捷開發。作為《Programming Ruby》的作者,他了解Ruby。作為一名活躍的Rails開發者,他熟悉Rails。