Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

Muhammad A.Moniem

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  • 出版日期: 2015-03-03
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 289
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1784397717
  • ISBN-13: 9781784397715
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Create exciting iOS games with the power of the new Unreal® Engine 4 subsystems

About This Book

  • Learn about the entire iOS pipeline, from game creation to game submission
  • Develop exciting iOS games with the Unreal Engine 4.x toolset
  • Step-by-step tutorials to build optimized iOS games

Who This Book Is For

If you are a game developer, designer, artist, or a beginner in the gaming industry, and want to make iOS games efficiently at a low cost, this book is ideal for you.

What You Will Learn

  • Install, build, and compile UE4 on Mac OSX and prepare it for iOS development
  • Understand the process of creating an iOS game and its requirements
  • Build different types of modern gameplay mechanics for iOS devices
  • Implement and build different asset types
  • Control your game's user interaction using the social functionalities inside UE4
  • Develop iOS games using tools and functionalities provided by Unreal Engine 4.x
  • Generate revenue from your games using the monetization capability

In Detail

Unreal® Engine 4 has always been the best measurement for industry standards. With all its tools and power, game developers and designers can reach a new level of productivity for their games with the lowest cost ever.

Learning Unreal® Engine iOS Game Development teaches you the basics of iOS game development using Unreal® Engine 4. You will discover how to build an engaging Unreal iOS game, how to generate revenue, and how to optimize game performance using the tools and functionalities the Engine provides. To begin, you will start by preparing the required files for an iOS game using the developer's portal. Next, you will go through purchasing, installing, and building game elements for different game types, picked from the chart of the latest trending games. By the end of the book, you will be able to add social and monetization functionalities to your game and submit it for review to the app store.


使用新的Unreal® Engine 4子系統來創建令人興奮的iOS遊戲


- 了解從遊戲創建到遊戲提交的整個iOS流程
- 使用Unreal Engine 4.x工具集開發令人興奮的iOS遊戲
- 逐步教程,建立優化的iOS遊戲




- 在Mac OSX上安裝、構建和編譯UE4,並為iOS開發做好準備
- 了解創建iOS遊戲的過程和要求
- 為iOS設備構建不同類型的現代遊戲機制
- 實施和構建不同類型的資產
- 使用UE4內部的社交功能來控制遊戲的用戶互動
- 使用Unreal Engine 4.x提供的工具和功能開發iOS遊戲
- 利用遊戲的盈利能力獲取收入


Unreal® Engine 4一直是行業標準的最佳衡量標準。通過其所有的工具和功能,遊戲開發人員和設計師可以以前所未有的低成本提高遊戲的生產力。

《學習Unreal® Engine iOS遊戲開發》教您使用Unreal® Engine 4基礎的iOS遊戲開發。您將了解如何構建一個引人入勝的Unreal iOS遊戲,如何獲取收入,以及如何使用引擎提供的工具和功能優化遊戲性能。首先,您將通過開發者門戶為iOS遊戲準備所需的文件。接下來,您將根據最新流行遊戲的圖表從不同遊戲類型中購買、安裝和構建遊戲元素。在本書結束時,您將能夠為遊戲添加社交和盈利功能,並將其提交到應用商店進行審核。