C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0: Modern CrossPlatform Development (Paperback)

Mark J. Price

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  • 出版日期: 2016-03-28
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Create powerful cross-platform applications using C# 6, .NET Core 1.0, ASP.NET Core 1.0, and Visual Studio 2015

About This Book

  • Build modern, cross-platform applications with .NET Core 1.0
  • Get up-to-speed with C#, and up-to-date with all the latest features of C# 6
  • Start creating professional web applications with ASP.NET Core 1.0

Who This Book Is For

Are you struggling to get started with C#? Or maybe you're interested in the potential of the new cross-platform features that .NET Core can offer? If so, C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0 is the book for you. While you don't need to know any of the latest features of C# or .NET to get started, it would be beneficial if you have some programming experience.

What You Will Learn

  • Build cross-platform applications using C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0
  • Explore ASP.NET Core 1.0 and learn how to create professional web applications
  • Improve your application's performance using multitasking
  • Use Entity Framework Core 1.0 and learn how to build Code-First databases
  • Master object-oriented programming with C# to increase code reuse and efficiency
  • Familiarize yourself with cross-device app development using the Universal Windows Platform and XAML
  • Query and manipulate data using LINQ
  • Protect your data by using encryption and hashing

In Detail

With the release of .NET Core 1.0, you can now create applications for Mac OS X and Linux, as well as Windows, using the development tools you know and love. C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0 has been divided into three high-impact sections to help start putting these new features to work.

First, we'll run you through the basics of C#, as well as object-orient programming, before taking a quick tour through the latest features of C# 6 such as string interpolation for easier variable value output, exception filtering, and how to perform static class imports. We'll also cover both the full-feature, mature .NET Framework and the new, cross-platform .NET Core.

After quickly taking you through C# and how .NET works, we'll dive into the internals of the .NET class libraries, covering topics such as performance, monitoring, debugging, internationalization, serialization, and encryption. We'll look at Entity Framework Core 1.0 and how to develop Code-First entity data models, as well as how to use LINQ to query and manipulate that data.

The final section will demonstrate the major types of applications that you can build and deploy cross-device and cross-platform. In this section, we'll cover Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, web applications, and web services. Lastly, we'll help you build a complete application that can be hosted on all of today's most popular platforms, including Linux and Docker.

By the end of the book, you'll be armed with all the knowledge you need to build modern, cross-platform applications using C# and .NET Core.

Style and approach

This book takes a step-by-step approach and is filled with exciting projects and fascinating theory. It uses three high-impact sections to equip you with all the tools you'll need to build modern, cross-platform applications using C# and .NET Core.


使用C# 6、.NET Core 1.0、ASP.NET Core 1.0和Visual Studio 2015創建強大的跨平台應用程序


- 使用.NET Core 1.0構建現代跨平台應用程序
- 熟悉C#,並了解C# 6的所有最新功能
- 開始使用ASP.NET Core 1.0創建專業的Web應用程序

本書適合對C#感到困惑的人,或者對.NET Core的新跨平台功能感興趣的人。即使您不需要了解C#或.NET的最新功能,但如果您具有一些編程經驗,將對您有所幫助。


- 使用C# 6和.NET Core 1.0構建跨平台應用程序
- 探索ASP.NET Core 1.0,並學習如何創建專業的Web應用程序
- 通過多任務處理提高應用程序的性能
- 使用Entity Framework Core 1.0,並學習如何構建Code-First數據庫
- 掌握C#的面向對象編程,以提高代碼重用性和效率
- 熟悉使用通用Windows平台和XAML進行跨設備應用程序開發
- 使用LINQ查詢和操作數據
- 通過加密和哈希保護數據


隨著.NET Core 1.0的發布,您現在可以使用您熟悉和喜愛的開發工具在Mac OS X和Linux以及Windows上創建應用程序。《C# 6和.NET Core 1.0》分為三個高影響力部分,幫助您開始使用這些新功能。

首先,我們將帶您了解C#的基礎知識以及面向對象編程,然後快速介紹C# 6的最新功能,例如用於更輕鬆變量值輸出的字符串插值,異常過濾和如何執行靜態類導入。我們還將涵蓋成熟的全功能.NET Framework和新的跨平台.NET Core。

在快速介紹C#和.NET的工作原理之後,我們將深入探討.NET類庫的內部結構,包括性能、監控、調試、國際化、序列化和加密等主題。我們將介紹Entity Framework Core 1.0以及如何開發Code-First實體數據模型,以及如何使用LINQ查詢和操作數據。


通過閱讀本書,您將掌握使用C#和.NET Core構建現代跨平台應用程序所需的所有知識。