Building Enterprise JavaScript Applications: Build production-ready applications using React, Node.js, Kubernetes and Docker

Daniel Li

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Improve and progress towards being a senior developer by building enterprise applications that use modern techniques like Continuous Integration and Deployment

Key Features

  • Create production-grade JavaScript applications right from its inception to deployment
  • Learn to build microservices and deploy it to a Docker container for scaling the application.
  • Test and Deploy your code with confidence using Travis CI

Book Description

The book starts with the principle of JavaScript and overview of the new syntax and features introduced in the ECMAScript 2015+ standard.

Next, you will move to the infrastructure of the application, such as setting up version control with Git and getting familiar with the JavaScript ecosystem. You will also implement unit testing using Mocha, Chai and Sinon. Using tools like Mocha, ESLint, TypeScript and TypeDoc will ensure good code quality, and will actually make development time much shorter, as bugs are automatically caught within a few seconds.

Moving on, you will work on handling your app data, which includes account and authentication, documentation with TypeDoc, and searching with Elasticsearch. You will also learn to create UI with React.

Another big challenge is scalability -how the application would handle millions of users, all across the world, at the same time. We'll be using Docker to split our application into many smaller services, and using Kubernetes to create and distribute those services in a redundant manner, to ensure our application would always be responsive.

By the end of the book, you should be able to build production-ready enterprise applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Principles of JavaScript and ECMAScript such as prototype inheritance, classes, the 'this' keyword
  • Test-Driven Development and Unit Testing
  • Data storage and search with Elasticsearch
  • Explore Documentation with TypeDoc
  • Improve the speed of development with Continuous Integration
  • Creating UI and UI testing with React
  • Basic Server Administration and Deployment with Docker
  • Creating scalable application using Kubernetes

Who This Book Is For

If you're a junior to Mid-level JavaScript developers who wants to expand their skillsets and progress towards being a senior JavaScript developer, then this book is for you.