Accelerate DevOps with GitHub: Enhance software delivery performance with GitHub Issues, Projects, Actions, and Advanced Security

Kaufmann, Michael

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Take your DevOps and DevSecOps game to the next level by leveraging the power of the GitHub toolset in practice

Key Features

- Release software faster and with confidence
- Increase your productivity by spending more time on software delivery and less on fixing bugs and administrative tasks
- Deliver high-quality software that is more stable, scalable, and secure

Book Description

This practical guide to DevOps uses GitHub as the DevOps platform and shows how you can leverage the power of GitHub for collaboration, lean management, and secure and fast software delivery.

The chapters provide simple solutions to common problems, thereby helping teams that are already on their DevOps journey to further advance into DevOps and speed up their software delivery performance. From finding the right metrics to measure your success to learning from other teams' success stories without merely copying what they've done, this book has it all in one place. As you advance, you'll find out how you can leverage the power of GitHub to accelerate your value delivery – by making work visible with GitHub Projects, measuring the right metrics with GitHub Insights, using solid and proven engineering practices with GitHub Actions and Advanced Security, and moving to event-based and loosely coupled software architecture.

By the end of this GitHub book, you'll have understood what factors influence software delivery performance and how you can measure your capabilities, thus realizing where you stand in your journey and how you can move forward.

What you will learn

- Effectively measure software delivery performance
- Adopt DevOps and lean management techniques in your teams
- Plan, track, and visualize your work using GitHub Issues and Projects
- Use continuous delivery with GitHub Actions and Packages
- Scale quality through testing in production and chaos engineering
- “Shift left” security and secure your entire software supply chain
- Use DevSecOps practices with GitHub Advanced Security
- Secure your code with code scanning, secret scanning, and Dependabot

Who this book is for

This book is for developers, solutions architects, DevOps engineers, and SREs, as well as for engineering or product managers who want to enhance their software delivery performance. Whether you're new to DevOps, already have experience with GitHub Enterprise, or come from a platform such as Azure DevOps, Team Foundation Server, GitLab, Bitbucket, Puppet, Chef, or Jenkins but struggle to achieve maximum performance, you'll find this book beneficial.


將您的 DevOps 和 DevSecOps 遊戲提升到更高的水平,並在實踐中利用 GitHub 工具集的強大功能。


- 更快且更有信心地發布軟體
- 通過將更多時間花在軟體交付上,減少修復錯誤和管理任務的時間,提高生產力
- 提供更穩定、可擴展和安全的高品質軟體


這本實用的 DevOps 指南以 GitHub 為 DevOps 平台,展示了如何利用 GitHub 進行協作、精益管理以及安全且快速的軟體交付。

各章節提供了解決常見問題的簡單解決方案,幫助已經在 DevOps 旅程上的團隊進一步發展並加快軟體交付效率。從找到衡量成功的正確指標到學習借鑒其他團隊的成功案例而不僅僅是複製他們的做法,這本書將所有內容集於一處。隨著您的進步,您將了解如何利用 GitHub 的力量來加速價值交付 - 通過使用 GitHub Projects 使工作可見,使用 GitHub Insights 測量正確的指標,使用 GitHub Actions 和 Advanced Security 進行堅實且經過驗證的工程實踐,以及過渡到基於事件和鬆散耦合的軟體架構。



- 有效地衡量軟體交付效能
- 在團隊中採用 DevOps 和精益管理技術
- 使用 GitHub Issues 和 Projects 計劃、追蹤和視覺化工作
- 使用 GitHub Actions 和 Packages 進行持續交付
- 通過在生產環境中進行測試和混沌工程來提高質量
- "向左轉"安全性,保護整個軟體供應鏈的安全性
- 使用 GitHub Advanced Security 進行 DevSecOps 實踐
- 使用代碼掃描、密鑰掃描和 Dependabot 保護您的代碼


本書適合開發人員、解決方案架構師、DevOps 工程師和 SRE,以及希望提升軟體交付效能的工程或產品經理。無論您是 DevOps 的新手,已經有 GitHub Enterprise 的經驗,還是來自 Azure DevOps、Team Foundation Server、GitLab、Bitbucket、Puppet、Chef 或 Jenkins 等平台,但難以實現最大效能,您都會從本書中獲益。


Michael Kaufmann believes that people can be happy and productive at work. He loves DevOps, the cloud, and everything that has to do with modern software engineering and productivity.

He is the founder and CEO of Xpirit Germany, and he has been working as a consultant and manager in the IT sector for more than 20 years. Michael helps his clients succeed: with cloud adoption, agile, and DevOps transformation.

Microsoft has awarded him with the title Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) - the latter in the category DevOps and GitHub - ever since 2015.

Michael likes to share his knowledge in books, trainings, and as a speaker at international conferences.


Michael Kaufmann相信人們可以在工作中快樂且有成效。他熱愛DevOps、雲端以及一切與現代軟體工程和生產力有關的事物。

他是Xpirit Germany的創辦人兼首席執行官,並在IT行業擔任顧問和經理超過20年。Michael幫助客戶成功:在雲端採用、敏捷和DevOps轉型方面。

自2015年以來,Microsoft授予他Microsoft Regional Director (RD)和Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)的稱號,後者是在DevOps和GitHub類別中。



1. Metrics That Matter
2. Plan, Track, and Visualize Your Work
3. Teamwork and Collaborative Development
4. Asynchronous Work: Collaborate from Anywhere
5. Influence of Open and Inner Source on Software Delivery Performance
6. Automation with GitHub Actions
7. Running Your Workflows
8. Managing Dependencies Using GitHub Packages
9. Deploying to Any Platform
10. Feature Flags and the Feature Lifecycle
11. Trunk-Based Development
12. Shift Left Testing for Increased Quality
13. Shift-Left Security and DevSecOps
14. Securing Your Code
15. Securing Your Deployments
16. Loosely Coupled Architecture and Microservices
17. Empower Your Teams
18. Lean Product Development and Lean Startup
19. Experimentation and A|B-Testing
20. GitHub – The Home for All Developers
21. Migrating to GitHub
22. Organizing Your Teams
23. Transform Your Enterprise


1. 重要的指標
2. 計劃、追蹤和視覺化您的工作
3. 團隊合作和協作開發
4. 非同步工作:隨時隨地協作
5. 開放和內部源碼對軟體交付效能的影響
6. 使用 GitHub Actions 進行自動化
7. 執行您的工作流程
8. 使用 GitHub Packages 管理相依性
9. 部署到任何平台
10. 功能旗標和功能生命週期
11. 基於主幹的開發
12. 向左位移測試以提高品質
13. 向左位移的安全性和 DevSecOps
14. 保護您的程式碼
15. 保護您的部署
16. 鬆散耦合的架構和微服務
17. 授權您的團隊
18. 精實產品開發和精實創業
19. 實驗和 A|B 測試
20. GitHub - 所有開發者的家園
21. 遷移到 GitHub
22. 組織您的團隊
23. 轉型您的企業