The Linux DevOps Handbook: Customize and scale your Linux distributions to accelerate your DevOps workflow

Wojslaw, Damian, Adamowicz, Grzegorz

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  • 出版日期: 2023-11-17
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  • ISBN: 1803245662
  • ISBN-13: 9781803245669
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Build a solid foundation in DevOps and Linux systems as well as advanced DevOps practices such as configuration, IAC, and CI/CD

Key Features

  • Master Linux basics, the command line, and shell scripting
  • Become a DevOps expert by mastering Docker, Git, monitoring, automation, and CI/CD
  • Implement networking, manage services, and leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
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Book Description

The Linux DevOps Handbook is a comprehensive resource that caters to both novice and experienced professionals, ensuring a strong foundation in Linux. This book will help you understand how Linux serves as a cornerstone of DevOps, offering the flexibility, stability, and scalability essential for modern software development and operations.

You’ll begin by covering Linux distributions, intermediate Linux concepts, and shell scripting to get to grips with automating tasks and streamlining workflows. You’ll then progress to mastering essential day-to-day tools for DevOps tasks. As you learn networking in Linux, you’ll be equipped with connection establishment and troubleshooting skills. You’ll also learn how to use Git for collaboration and efficient code management.

The book guides you through Docker concepts for optimizing your DevOps workflows and moves on to advanced DevOps practices, such as monitoring, tracing, and distributed logging. You’ll work with Terraform and GitHub to implement continuous integration (CI)/continuous deployment (CD) pipelines and employ Atlantis for automated software delivery. Additionally, you’ll identify common DevOps pitfalls and strategies to avoid them.

By the end of this book, you’ll have built a solid foundation in Linux fundamentals, practical tools, and advanced practices, all contributing to your enhanced Linux skills and successful DevOps implementation.

What you will learn

  • Understand how to manage infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools such as Terraform and Atlantis
  • Automate repetitive tasks using Ansible and Bash scripting
  • Set up logging and monitoring solutions to maintain and troubleshoot your infrastructure
  • Identify and understand how to avoid common DevOps pitfalls
  • Automate tasks and streamline workflows using Linux and shell scripting
  • Optimize DevOps workflows using Docker

Who this book is for

This book is for DevOps Engineers looking to extend their Linux and DevOps skills as well as System Administrators responsible for managing Linux servers, who want to adopt DevOps practices to streamline their operations.You’ll also find this book useful if you want to build your skills and knowledge to work with public cloud technologies, especially AWS, to build and manage scalable and reliable systems.




- 掌握Linux基礎知識、命令行和Shell腳本編寫。
- 通過掌握Docker、Git、監控、自動化和CI/CD等技術,成為DevOps專家。
- 實施網絡管理、服務管理,並利用基礎設施即代碼(IaC)。
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《Linux DevOps手冊》是一本全面的資源,適用於初學者和有經驗的專業人士,確保在Linux方面建立堅實的基礎。本書將幫助您了解Linux如何成為DevOps的基石,為現代軟件開發和運營提供靈活性、穩定性和可擴展性。





- 瞭解如何使用基礎設施即代碼(IaC)工具,如Terraform和Atlantis,管理基礎設施。
- 使用Ansible和Bash腳本編寫自動化重複任務。
- 設置日誌記錄和監控解決方案,以維護和故障排除基礎設施。
- 識別並避免常見的DevOps陷阱。
- 使用Linux和Shell腳本編寫自動化任務和優化工作流程。
- 使用Docker優化DevOps工作流程。



  1. Choosing the Right Linux Distribution
  2. Command-Line Basics
  3. Intermediate Linux
  4. Automating with Shell Scripts
  5. Managing Services in Linux
  6. Networking in Linux
  7. Git, Your Doorway to DevOps
  8. Docker Basics
  9. A Deep Dive into Docker
  10. Monitoring, Tracing, and Distributed Logging
  11. Using Ansible for Configuration as Code
  12. Leveraging Infrastructure as Code
  13. CI/CD with Terraform, GitHub, and Atlantis
  14. Avoiding Pitfalls in DevOps


選擇適合的 Linux 發行版
中級 Linux
使用 Shell 腳本自動化
管理 Linux 服務
Linux 網絡
Git,你的 DevOps 入口
Docker 基礎知識
深入探索 Docker
使用 Ansible 進行配置即代碼
使用 Terraform、GitHub 和 Atlantis 進行 CI/CD
避免 DevOps 的陷阱