Creating an RTS Game in Unity 2023: A comprehensive guide to creating your own strategy game from scratch using C#

Cicanci, Bruno

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  • 出版日期: 2023-10-13
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  • ISBN: 180461324X
  • ISBN-13: 9781804613245
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Build real-time strategy (RTS) games using Unity with practical techniques, best coding practices, and popular design patterns

Key Features:

  • Learn how to implement game architecture and gameplay features
  • Explore unit actions, resource management, physics simulations, and audiovisual enhancements to boost player engagement
  • Discover RTS mechanics such as implementing melee/ranged battles, unit spawning, dynamic maps, pathfinding, and more
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Book Description:

Building a successful real-time strategy game is challenging, because of both the complex mechanics and the need to strike a balance between different elements, ensuring that players enjoy creating and executing strategies against the game's AI.

Creating an RTS Game in Unity 2023 will teach you how to install and set up the Unity game engine, create a new 3D project, and build a level editor to make it easier to modify and add maps to a game. The RTS game will start to take shape while you learn to implement different core systems such as melee and ranged battles, unit spawners, camera controls, dynamic mapping generation, basic enemy AI, and the pathfinder algorithm. You'll also get to grips with implementing command units to perform actions, crafting and producing resources, basic physics and collision detection, and building an RTS game from scratch using C# and the latest features of the Unity game engine.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to make professional and high-quality end-to-end RTS games using the best practices and techniques from the gaming industry.

What You Will Learn:

  • Incorporate the most used design patterns, algorithms, and techniques into your game
  • Employ the best coding practices used in the games industry
  • Explore the basics of AI and physics to create high-quality games
  • Build dynamic and configurable maps to enhance the player experience
  • Solve complex problems using the industry standards for Unity and C#
  • Create the mechanics present in classic RTS games using a modern approach
  • Gain a deep understanding of how to create professional games using Unity

Who this book is for:

If you are a beginner game developer who wants to learn the skills to develop a professional RTS game, a programmer looking at career options in the industry who needs to develop a portfolio, or even an indie game developer seeking inspiration for your own games, this book is for you. Professional game developers, programmers with experience in C#, as well as game designers and artists looking for a practical guide to bring their game ideas to life will also find plenty of useful information in this book.



- 學習如何實現遊戲架構和遊戲玩法功能
- 探索單位行動、資源管理、物理模擬和視覺增強等,以提升玩家參與度
- 探索實時戰略遊戲機制,如近戰/遠程戰鬥、單位生成、動態地圖、路徑尋找等
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《在Unity 2023中創建即時戰略遊戲》將教您如何安裝和設置Unity遊戲引擎,創建一個新的3D項目,並構建一個關卡編輯器,以便更輕鬆地修改和添加地圖到遊戲中。在學習實現近戰和遠程戰鬥、單位生成器、攝像機控制、動態地圖生成、基本敵人AI和路徑尋找算法的同時,即時戰略遊戲將開始成形。您還將掌握實現指揮單位執行操作、製作和生產資源、基本物理和碰撞檢測以及使用C#和Unity遊戲引擎的最新功能從頭開始構建即時戰略遊戲的技巧。


- 將最常用的設計模式、算法和技術應用於遊戲中
- 使用遊戲行業中使用的最佳編碼實踐
- 探索AI和物理的基礎知識,創建高質量的遊戲
- 建立動態和可配置的地圖,增強玩家體驗
- 使用Unity和C#的行業標準解決複雜問題
- 使用現代方法創建經典即時戰略遊戲中的機制
- 深入了解如何使用Unity創建專業遊戲

- 如果您是一名初學者遊戲開發人員,想要學習開發專業即時戰略遊戲的技能
- 如果您是一名程序員,正在考慮在遊戲行業中尋找職業選擇,需要開發作品集
- 如果您是一名獨立遊戲開發人員,正在尋找自己遊戲的靈感,本書適合您
- 專業遊戲開發人員、具有C#經驗的程序員,以及希望將遊戲點子變為現實的遊戲設計師和藝術家,也可以在本書中找到許多有用的信息。