Aws Iot with Edge ML and Cybersecurity: A Hands-On Approach

Rehan, Syed

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  • 出版日期: 2023-12-09
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  • 相關分類: Amazon Web Services物聯網 IoT資訊安全
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In an era where the fusion of connectivity and technology is redefining industries, this book is a must-have guide for aspiring technologists and seasoned professionals alike. This meticulously crafted handbook guides you through every aspect of AWS IoT, touching upon vital spheres such as edge computing, machine learning, and industrial IoT, with a distinct spotlight on cybersecurity.

Over the course of this book, industry veteran Syed Rehad unveils the secrets to setting up your AWS IoT environment and walks you through advanced concepts such as leveraging MQTT, mastering Digital Twin implementation, and plumbing the depths of edge machine learning. Whether you're experimenting with virtual devices or hands-on with Raspberry Pi setups, this book will steer you towards innovation and a transformative journey where technology meets intelligence and security, all under the expansive umbrella of AWS IoT.

What You Will Learn

  • AWS Mastery: Dive deep into AWS IoT essentials, from setup to hands-on SDK tools
  • Advanced Connectivity: Explore advanced MQTT features and the potential of AWS IoT Core MQTT clients
  • Device Integration: Master AWS IoT device creation, connection, and deployment, blending the digital and physical
  • Digital Twin: Unleash IoT's future with AWS IoT device shadow, capitalizing on digital twin technology
  • Device Management: Transform remote oversight using secure IoT tunnelling and innovative actions
  • Edge Development: Merge IoT and Machine Learning via AWS IoT Greengrass, spotlighting image classification
  • Data to Insights: Swiftly move from raw data to actionable insights leveraging Amazon Timestream
  • IoT Cybersecurity: Strengthen your defenses using AWS IoT Device Defender, Zero Trust principles, and Machine Learning (ML) Detect to prepare for and counter threats

Who This Book Is For

IoT developers and enthusiasts, professionals who want to implement IoT solutions in industrial scenarios, system architects and designers interested in edge machine learning, business intelligence analysts, and cybersecurity professionals.


在一個將連接性和技術融合重新定義行業的時代,這本書是一本必備指南,適合有抱負的技術人員和經驗豐富的專業人士。這本精心製作的手冊將引導您深入了解AWS IoT的各個方面,觸及重要領域,如邊緣計算、機器學習和工業物聯網,並特別關注網絡安全。

在本書中,行業老手Syed Rehad揭示了建立AWS IoT環境的秘訣,並引導您深入了解高級概念,如利用MQTT、掌握數字孿生實現以及深入探索邊緣機器學習的深度。無論您是在虛擬設備上進行實驗還是在Raspberry Pi設置上進行實踐,本書都將引導您走向創新,開啟一個讓技術與智能和安全相結合的轉型之旅,所有這些都在AWS IoT廣闊的範疇下。


- AWS精通:深入研究AWS IoT的基本知識,從設置到實踐的SDK工具
- 高級連接性:探索高級MQTT功能和AWS IoT Core MQTT客戶端的潛力
- 設備集成:掌握AWS IoT設備的創建、連接和部署,將數字和物理結合起來
- 數字孿生:利用AWS IoT設備影子發揮物聯網的未來,充分利用數字孿生技術
- 設備管理:使用安全的物聯網隧道和創新操作改變遠程監督
- 邊緣開發:通過AWS IoT Greengrass將物聯網和機器學習相結合,重點關注圖像分類
- 從數據到洞察:利用Amazon Timestream快速從原始數據轉化為可行動的洞察
- 物聯網安全:使用AWS IoT設備保護者、零信任原則和機器學習(ML)檢測來加強您的防禦,為威脅做好準備並應對威脅




Syed Rehan has established himself as a luminary in the world of cloud technologies over the course of a career spanning 18+ years in the fields of development, IoT, and cybersecurity. Having joined AWS in 2017, Syed has been at the forefront of their initiatives, consistently driving innovation and contributing to the platform's evolution. His rich portfolio includes numerous insightful blogs, workshops and authoritative whitepapers for AWS, showcasing his deep expertise and thought leadership in the industry.

Syed has graced the main stage as a speaker at AWS re: Invent and numerous global conferences, shedding light on the rapidly evolving landscapes of cybersecurity, IoT, and cloud technologies.

Presently, Syed serves as a Senior Global Cybersecurity Specialist in the AWS IoT Core Security Foundation team. His collaborative spirit has been reflected in his instrumental role with the product teams in launching pivotal services like AWS IoT Device Defender and AWS IoT Greengrass.

Syed's trailblazing journey is marked with several firsts. He was among the initial cohort of specialist solution architects for AWS IoT in EMEA, and he also earned the honor of being the first specialist Solution Architect for Amazon Connect.

Syed's legacy in AWS and the cloud domain is a blend of vast experience, innovation, unwavering passion and leadership, a legacy that continues to inspire and guide the next generation of tech enthusiasts


Syed Rehan在開發、物聯網(IoT)和網絡安全領域擁有超過18年的職業生涯,成為雲端技術領域的翹楚。他於2017年加入AWS,一直在他們的倡議中處於前沿,不斷推動創新並為平台的演進做出貢獻。他豐富的作品包括為AWS撰寫的多篇具有洞察力的博客、工作坊和權威白皮書,展示了他在行業中的深厚專業知識和思想領導力。

Syed曾作為演講嘉賓登上AWS re: Invent和多個全球性會議的主舞台,闡明了網絡安全、物聯網和雲端技術快速演變的情景。

目前,Syed在AWS IoT Core Security Foundation團隊擔任高級全球網絡安全專家。他的合作精神體現在他在產品團隊中發揮的重要作用,推出了AWS IoT Device Defender和AWS IoT Greengrass等關鍵服務。