ebXML: The Technical Specifications

Aaron E. Walsh

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The first one-stop ebXML tech spec reference!

  • The official ebXML 1.0 standard from OASIS and the United Nations*
  • Technical requirements, architecture, business process schema, registry information model and services, collaboration protocols, and messaging services
  • Complete ebXML glossary

Electronic Business Extensible Markup Language (ebXML) will be at the heart of tomorrow's most important electronic business (eBusiness) and business-to-business (B2B) systems—streamlining trading relationships, simplifying cross-enterprise communication, and making it possible to extend any business process across any supply or demand chain. ebXML: The Technical Specifications is the authoritative one-stop technical reference to the ebXML 1.0 standard, a must-have for every serious eBusiness and B2B developer. It presents the entire suite of official technical specifications that make up ebXML standard developed by OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) and the United Nations. Coverage includes:

  • ebXML Requirements v1.06—an overview of ebXML's role, requirements, and goals
  • ebXML Technical Architecture v1.04—system overview, modeling methodology, functional phases, infrastructure, security, and conformance
  • ebXML Business Process Specification Schema v1.01—a framework for supporting transaction-based collaborations
  • ebXML Registry Information Model v1.0—a stable, persistent store for information submitted by business partners
  • ebXML Registry Services Specification v1.0—interaction protocols, message definitions, XML schema, and interfaces to registry services
  • ebXML Collaboration—Protocol Profile and Agreement Specification v1.0-ensuring interoperability between organizations using diverse software or third-party intermediaries
  • ebXML Message Service Specification v1.0—a communications-protocol neutral method for message exchange

Get ahead of the curve with ebXML—and get results—with ebXML: The Technical Specifications.

Table of Contents

1. Requirements Specification v1.06.
2. Technical Architecture Specification v1.0.4.
Appendix A: Example ebXML Business Scenarios.
3. Business Process Specification Schema v1.01.
Appendix A: Sample XML Business Process Specification.
Appendix B: Business Process Specification Schema DTD.
Appendix C: Business Process Specification Schema XML Schema.
4. Registry Information Model v1.0.
5. Registry Services Specification v1.0.
Appendix A: ebXML Registry DTD Definition.
Appendix B: Interpretation of UML Diagrams.
Appendix C: SQL Query.
Appendix D: Non-normative Content Based Ad Hoc Queries.
Appendix E: Security Implementation Guideline.
Appendix F: Native language support (NLS).
Appendix G: Terminology Mapping.
6. Collaboration-Protocol Profile and Agreement Specification v1.0.
Appendix A: Example of CPP Document (Non-Normative).
Appendix B: Example of CPA Document Non-Normative).
Appendix C: DTD Corresponding to Complete CPP/CPA Definition (Normative).
Appendix D: XML Schema Document Corresponding to Complete CPP and CPA Definition (Normative).
Appendix E: Formats of Information in the CPP and CPA (Normative).
Appendix F: Composing a CPA from Two CPPs (Non-Normative).
7. Message Service Specification v1.0.
Appendix A: ebXML SOAP Extension Elements Schema.
Appendix B: Communication Protocol Bindings.