Oracle DBA SQL Quick Reference

Charlie Russel, Robert Cordingley

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  • 出版日期: 2003-06-26
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0131403036
  • ISBN-13: 9780131403031
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  • The Oracle SQL every DBA needs—fast and easy!
  • Covers all the core day-to-day tasks DBAs are responsible for
  • Quick access to SQL commands, operators, functions, data dictionary views, and more
  • Includes dozens of easy-to-understand syntax diagrams

The fast, practical Oracle SQL reference for every Oracle DBA!

If you're a working Oracle DBA, here's the Oracle SQL reference you've been searching for—simple, straightforward, and incredibly easy to use! There's no faster way to discover the exact syntax you need...refresh your memory about that option you haven't used lately...find the name of that view you know exists...start using that new Oracle 9i feature you haven't tried yet. Keep it by your desk, near your server...wherever you need fast, reliable answers right this minute!
  • Covers Oracle SQL through Oracle9i Release 2
  • Clear, well-organized tables of operators, functions, format models, privileges, and reserved words
  • Complete command reference: syntax and options for every Oracle SQL command
  • Standard "railroad" syntax diagrams make it easy to write correct syntax
  • Handy listings of data dictionary views and dynamic performance tables

Table of Contents

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1. Programmatic and General Reference.

Operators. Arithmetic Operators. Logical Operators. Comparison Operators. Select Operators. Precedence. Functions. Single Row Functions. Aggregate Functions. Analytical Functions. Object Reference Functions. Format models. Date Format Models. Date Prefixes and Suffixes. Number Format Models. Reserved Words. Privileges. System Privileges. Object Privileges.

2. SQL Command Reference.

Alter. Alter Cluster. Alter Database. Alter Dimension. Alter Function. Alter Index. Alter Indextype. Alter Java. Alter Materialized View. Alter Materialized View Log. Alter Operator. Alter Outline. Alter Package. Alter Procedure. Alter Profile. Alter Resource Cost. Alter Role. Alter Rollback Segment. Alter Sequence. Alter Session. Alter System. Alter Table. Alter Tablespace. Alter Trigger. Alter Type. Alter User. Alter View. Analyze. Associate Statistics. Audit. Call. Comment. Commit. Create. Create Cluster. Create Context. Create Controlfile Create Database. Create Database Link. Create Dimension. Create Directory. Create Function. Create Index. Create Indextype. Create Java. Create Library. Create Materialized View. Create Materialized View Log. Create Operator. Create Outline. Create Package. Create Package Body. Create pfile. Create Procedure. Create Profile. Create Role. Create Rollback Segment. Create Schema. Create Sequence. Create spfile. Create Synonym. Create Table. Create Tablespace. Create Temporary Tablespace. Create Trigger. Create Type. Create Type Body. Create User. Create View. Delete. Disassociate Statistics. Drop. Explain Plan. Grant. Insert. Lock Table. Merge. Noaudit. Rename. Revoke. Rollback. Savepoint. Select. Set Constraints. Set Role. Set Transaction. Truncate. Update. Common. Allocate extent. Constraints. Deallocate Unused. File Specification. Logging. Parallel. Physical Attributes. Storage.

3. Special Views and Tables.

Data Dictionary Views. Dynamic Tables.