Object-Oriented Software Engineering: Using UML, Patterns and Java, 3/e (IE-Paperback)

Bernd Bruegge Allen H.Dutoit




  A comprehensive upgrade to the latest version of UML and OCL. All diagrams were checked and revised to take advantage of the latest development in UML. Chapters on System Design and Object Design now include new material on component diagrams and modeling of services.

  Material on agile methods. The chapter on "Configuration Management" describes continuous integration; the chapter on "Project Management" covers Scrum; the chapter on "Methodologies" contrasts agile methodologies--such as XP, Scrum, and Rugby--with traditional methodologies based on the Unified process.

  Material on U2TP. The chapter on "Testing" includes new material on modeling the test system, test automation, and the UML2 Testing Profile.

  UPDATED. Examples. The examples in the new edition are updated and improved based on feedback from many readers and students.

PART I Getting Started
Chapter 1 Introduction to Software Engineering
Chapter 2 Modeling with UML
Chapter 3 Project Organization and Communication
PART II Dealing with Complexity
Chapter 4 Requirements Elicitation
Chapter 5 Analysis
Chapter 6 System Design: Decomposing the System
Chapter 7 System Design: Addressing Design Goals
Chapter 8 Object Design: Reusing Pattern Solutions
Chapter 9 Object Design: Specifying Interfaces
Chapter 10 Mapping Models to Code
Chapter 11 Testing
PART III Managing Change
Chapter 12 Rationale Management
Chapter 13 Configuration Management
Chapter 14 Project Management
Chapter 15 Software Life Cycle
Chapter 16 Methodologies: Putting It All Together