Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache All-in-One

Julie C. Meloni

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  • 出版日期: 2003-12-16
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 618
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0672326205
  • ISBN-13: 9780672326202
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Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache in 24 Hours combines these most popular open source Web development tools into one easy-to-understand book, packaged with one easy-to-use Starter Kit CD. This book teaches the reader to install, configure and set up the PHP scripting language, the MySQL database system, and the Apache Web server. By the end of this book the reader will understand how these technologies work, and more importantly, how they work together to create a dynamic Web site. After creating a simple Web site using these tools, the reader will be able to manage a simple mailing list, and to create an online address book, shopping cart, and storefront.

Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache in 24 Hours also teaches the reader how to fine-tune Apache and MySQL, and covers simple Web server security.

Table of Contents


Who Should Read This Book? How This Book Is Organized. Conventions Used in This Book.


1. Installing and Configuring MySQL.

Current and Future Versions of MySQL. How to Get MySQL. Installing MySQL on Linux/Unix. Installing MySQL on Windows. Troubleshooting Your Installation. Basic Security Guidelines. Introducing the MySQL Privilege System. Working with User Privileges. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

2. Installing and Configuring Apache.

Current and Future Versions of Apache. Choosing an Installation Method. Installing Apache on Linux/Unix. Installing Apache on Windows. Apache Configuration File Structure. Apache Log Files. Apache-Related Commands. Starting Apache for the First Time. Troubleshooting. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

3. Installing and Configuring PHP.

Current and Future Versions of PHP. Building PHP on Linux/Unix with Apache. Installing PHP Files on Windows. php.ini Basics. Testing Your Installation. Getting Installation Help. The Basics of PHP Scripts. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.


4. The Building Blocks of PHP.

Variables. Data Types. Operators and Expressions. Constants. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

5. Flow Control Functions in PHP.

Switching Flow. Loops. Code Blocks and Browser Output. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

6. Working with Functions.

What Is a Function? Calling Functions. Defining a Function. Returning Values from User-Defined Functions. Variable Scope. Saving State Between Function Calls with the static Statement. More About Arguments. Testing for the Existence of a Function. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

7. Working with Arrays and Objects.

What Is an Array? Creating Arrays. Some Array-Related Functions. Creating an Object. Object Inheritance. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.


8. Working with Strings, Dates, and Times.

Formatting Strings with PHP. Investigating Strings in PHP. Manipulating Strings with PHP. Using Date and Time Functions in PHP. Summary. Workshop.

9. Working with Forms.

Creating a Simple Input Form. Accessing Form Input with User-Defined Arrays. Combining HTML and PHP Code on a Single Page. Using Hidden Fields to Save State. Redirecting the User. Sending Mail on Form Submission. Working with File Uploads. Summary. Workshop.

10. Working with User Sessions.

Session Function Overview. Starting a Session. Working with Session Variables. Passing Session IDs in the Query String. Destroying Sessions and Unsetting Variables. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

11. Working with Files and Directories.

Including Files with include(). Testing Files. Creating and Deleting Files. Opening a File for Writing, Reading, or Appending. Reading from Files. Writing or Appending to a File. Working with Directories. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

12. Working with the Server Environment.

Opening Pipes to and from Processes Using popen(). Running Commands with exec(). Running Commands with system() or passthru(). Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

13. Working with Images.

Understanding the Image-Creation Process. Necessary Modifications to PHP. Drawing a New Image. Getting Fancy with Pie Charts. Modifying Existing Images. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.


14. Learning the Database Design Process.

The Importance of Good Database Design. Types of Table Relationships. Understanding Normalization. Following the Design Process. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

15. Learning Basic SQL Commands.

Learning the MySQL Data Types. Learning the Table Creation Syntax. Using the INSERT Command. Using the SELECT Command. Using WHERE in Your Queries. Selecting from Multiple Tables. Using the UPDATE Command to Modify Records. Using the REPLACE Command. Using the DELETE Command. Frequently Used String Functions in MySQL. Using Date and Time Functions in MySQL. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

16. Interacting with MySQL Using PHP.

Connecting to MySQL with PHP. Working with MySQL Data. Summary. Workshop.


17. Managing a Simple Mailing List.

Developing the Subscription Mechanism. Developing the Mailing Mechanism. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

18. Creating an Online Address Book.

Planning and Creating the Database Tables. Creating a Menu. Creating the Record Addition Mechanism. Viewing Records. Creating the Record Deletion Mechanism. Adding Subentries to a Record. Summary. Workshop.

19. Creating a Simple Discussion Forum.

Designing the Database Tables. Creating the Input Forms and Scripts. Displaying the Topic List. Displaying the Posts in a Topic. Adding Posts to a Topic. Summary.

20. Creating an Online Storefront.

Planning and Creating the Database Tables. Displaying Categories of Items. Displaying Items. Summary. Workshop.

21. Creating a Shopping Cart Mechanism.

Planning and Creating the Database Tables. Integrating the Cart with Your Storefront. Payment Methods and the Checkout Sequence. Summary. Workshop.

22. Creating a Simple Calendar.

Building a Simple Display Calendar. Creating a Calendar library. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

23. Restricting Access to Your Applications.

Authentication Overview. Apache Authentication Module Functionality. Using Apache for Access Control. Combining Apache Access Methods. Limiting Access Based on HTTP Methods. Introducing Cookies. Setting a Cookie with PHP. Restricting Access Based on Cookie Values. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

24. Logging and Monitoring Web Server Activity.

Standard Apache Access Logging. Standard Apache Error Logging. Managing Apache Logs. Logging Custom Information to a Database. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

25. Application Localization.

About Internationalization and Localization. About Character Sets. Environment Modifications. Creating a Localized Page Structure. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.


26. Apache Performance Tuning and Virtual Hosting.

Scalability Issues. Load Testing with ApacheBench. Proactive Performance Tuning. Preventing Abuse. Implementing Virtual Hosting. Summary. Q&A.

27. Setting Up a Secure Web Server.

The Need for Security. The SSL Protocol. Obtaining and Installing SSL Tools. Managing Certificates. SSL Configuration. Summary. Q&A.

28. Optimizing and Tuning MySQL.

Building an Optimized Platform. MySQL Startup Options. Optimizing Your Table Structure. Optimizing Your Queries. Using the FLUSH Command. Using the SHOW Command. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

29. Software Upgrades.

Staying in the Loop. Upgrading MySQL. Upgrading Apache. Upgrading PHP. Summary. Workshop.


30. Features and Backward Compatibility of PHP 5.0.

What's Wrong With PHP 4? The New Object Model. Additional New Features. So, When Should I Upgrade to PHP 5? Summary. Q&A.

31. Features and Backward Compatibility of MySQL 4.1.

Using Subqueries. Internationalization Enhancements. Additional New Functionality. Looking Further Ahead to MySQL 5.0. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.


Appendix A: Installing MySQL, Apache, and PHP from the CD-ROM.

Linux/Unix Installation. Windows Installation. Troubleshooting.