Design for Community: The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places

Derek Powazek

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  • 出版日期: 2001-08-09
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Communities are part of all successful web sites in one way or another. It looks at the different stages that must be understood:Philosophy: Why does your site need community? What are your measures of success?Architecture: How do you set up a site to createpositive experience? How do you coax people out of their shells and get them to share their experiences online?Design: From color choice to HTML, how do you design the look of a community area?Maintenance: This section will contain stories of failed web communities, and what they could have done to stay on track, as well as general maintenance tips andtricks for keeping your community <169>garden<170> growing.

Table of Contents


Everything I Needed to Know about Web Community I Learned in High School Algebra Class.


The Web Is Different. Defining the Terms. What to Expect from This Book. Who I Am.

1. Is This Trip Really Necessary?…What to Know Before You Begin.

Bad Reason #1: _“Because It's Cool!” Bad Reason #2: _“Because We'll Get Free Content!” Questioning Assumptions. The Good Reasons. All Systems Go—Adding Community Features. Ready for Your Close-up?

2. Content Comes First…Give Your Community Something to Talk About.

The Well Is Dry. You Get What You Give. The Power of Personal Stories. Content That Works. Content with Content. A Conversation with Matt Haughey.

3. Design Matters…Architectural and Visual Design for Successful Communities.

Design in General. The Nuts and Bolts. Design for Community. Rule #1: Tie Content Directly to Community. Rule #2: Bury the Post Button. Rule #3: Give Up Control (and Let Your Users Surprise You). Design Matters. Everything Is Design. A Conversation with Steven Johnson.

4. Tools for Doing the Heavy Lifting…How to Power Your Community.

To Buy or Not to Buy? Getting the Vision. Let's Go Shopping. Deciding What's Right for You. Design First. A Conversation with the jGurus.

5. Policies and Policing…Setting, Communicating, and Enforcing the Rules.

Lesson Learned. Unseen Rules Aren't Rules at All. Enforce the Rules. Barriers and Hosts. A Conversation with Caleb Clark.

6. Moderation, Karma, and Flame Bait…How to Survive Your Own Users.

A Dimension Not Only of Sight and Sound but of Mind. It's Going to Be Okay. Tie the Virtual to the Real as Much as Possible. Moderation, Meta-moderation, and Karmic Justice. Instant Karma. But Wait, There's Meta! Catch Me When I Fall. A Conversation with Rob Malda.

7. Chat, Cams, and Virtual Intimacy…Seeing Computers as Intimacy Devices.

Intimacy Doesn't Mean Sex (Usually). Intimacy Computes. Elements of Intimacy. Any Hot Chicks Here? The Magic Element. A Conversation with John Styn.

8. Barriers to Entry…Making Them Work for It.

Bad Assumption 1: Communities Are Open to All. Bad Assumption 2: Barriers Are Bad. Advice I Hate to Give. The Three Kinds of Barriers. Barriers Can Change Over Time. And It Goes Both Ways. Barriers Are Good. A Conversation with Emma Taylor.

9. Email Keeps the Conversation Alive…Community That Comes to You.

Tools of the Trade. Two Kinds of Lists. Community That Comes to You. Designing Email. The Good and Bad of Ownership. Email and Web: The Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together. The Dark Side. Creating Connection. A Conversation with Steve Champeon.

10. Commerce Communities…How to Keep Money from Screwing Everything Up.

A Commercial Web Begets Commercial Communities. Early Adopter: Saturn. Harnessing Customer Loyalty. Successful Companies Encourage Community. The TiVo Success Story. Follow the Leader. Your Turn. Up with People! A Conversation with Matt Williams.

11. Killing Your Community…Nothing Gold Can Stay.

All Good Things Must Come to an End. Time to Pull the Plug? Good Reasons to End. Community Kevorkian. To Archive or Not to Archive? Story: The Glassdog Club. Design Considerations. Saying Goodbye. A Conversation with Noah Grey.

12. What's Next?…Back to the Future.

Digital Diaspora. Personification. Diversification. Visual Sophistication. Shall We Play a Game? The Virtual Gaming Room. Role-Playing in a Virtual World. Grade School All Over Again. What Is It About Games? Community Controlled Editorial. Getting Real. Back to the Future. A Conversation with Howard Rheingold.


Where Do We Go from Here?