PostgreSQL Essential Reference (Paperback)

Barry Stinson

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PostgreSQL Essential Reference is a reference book for developers and system administrators who are already familiar with SQL database concepts but that need clear and concise documentation that is specific to PostgreSQL. The book is divided into 3 parts; Basic SQL Reference, PostgreSQL specifics, and PostgreSQL administration. On a whole, it provides a command, the syntax, available options, description, and example code. Readers will be able to easily utilize the code and concepts into their use f the product.An added advantage to this book is that provides all reference material in two ways; alphabetically and by task. This is important because readers of the book will be looking for this information by both methods.

Table of Contents


What's Inside? Who Is This Book For? Who Is This Book Not For? Conventions.


1. PostgreSQL SQL Reference.

Table of Commands. Alphabetical Listing.


2. PostgreSQL Data Types.

Table of Data Types. Geometric Data Types. Logical Data Types. Network Data Types. Numeric Data Types. String Data Types. Time Data Types. Other Data Types. More Data Types.

3. PostgreSQL Operators.

Geometric Operators. Logical Operators. Network Operators. Numerical Operators. String Operators. Time Operators.

4. PostgreSQL Functions.

Map of Functions Grouped _by Category. Aggregate Functions. Conversion Functions. Geometric Functions. Network Functions. Numerical Functions. SQL Functions. String Functions. Time Functions. User Functions. Other Functions.

5. Other PostgreSQL Topics.

Arrays in Fields. Inheritance. PostgreSQL Indexes. OIDs. Multiversion Concurrency _Control.


6. User Executable Files.

Alphabetical Listing of Files.

7. System Executable Files.

Alphabetical Listing of Files.

8. System Configuration Files and _Libraries.

System Configuration Files. Library Files.

9. Databases and Log Files.

PostgreSQL Data Directory. Log Files.

10. Common Administrative Tasks.

Compiling and Installation. Creating Users. Granting User Rights. Database Maintenance. Database Backup/Restore. Performance Tuning.


11. Server-Side Programming.

Benefits of Procedural Languages. Installing Procedural Languages. PL/pgSQL. PL/Tcl. PL/Perl.

12. Creating Custom Functions.

Creating Custom Functions. Creating Custom Triggers. Creating Custom Rules.

13. Client-Side Programming.

ecpg. JDBC. Libpq. libpq++. Libpgeasy. ODBC. Perl. Python (PyGreSQL). PHP.

14. Advanced PostgreSQL Programming.

Extending Functions. Extending Types. Extending Operators.


A: Additional Resources.

PostgreSQL versus Other _RDBMSs. Online PostgreSQL Resources. Books.

B: PostgreSQL Version _Information.

Version 7.1.2 (Released May 2001). Version 7.1.1 (Released May 2001). Version 7.1 (Released April 2001). Version 7.0.3 (Released November 2000). Version 7.0.2 (Released June 2000). Version 7.0 (Released May 2000). Version 6.5.2 (Released September 1999). Version 6.5.1 (Released July 1999). Version 6.5 (Released June 1999). Version 6.4.1 (Released December _1999). Version 6.4 (Released October _1998). Version 6.3 (Released March 1998). Version 6.2.1 (Released October _1997). Version 6.2 (Released June 1997). Version 6.1 (Released June 1997). Version Postgre95 .01 (Released May 1995).