Oracle Silver Bullets: Real-World Oracle Performance Secrets

Donald Burleson

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  • 出版日期: 2005-06-01
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Every Oracle professional should feel the exhilaration of adding a single function-based index and seeing the execution speed cut-in-half for 500 SQL statements. It's these silver bullets that can make you a hero in your shop and amaze your friends and associates. 

All Oracle tuning professionals know that they must start by optimizing the database as-a-whole before tuning individual SQL statements. Only after you have tuned the external hardware (disk RAID, network, OS kernel parms) and the instance (indexes, CBO statistics, optimal parameter settings), is it appropriate to tune individual SQL statements and application code.

A single change to the optimizer can improve the behavior of hundreds of SQL statements, and database-wide tuning approaches such as adding a missing index, creating a materialized view or adjusting CBO statistics must be done before detailed SQL tuning can happen. 

These silver-bullet recommendations have been codified inside the Oracle 10g Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM), and every Oracle professional must recognize the benefits of these important tuning techniques.

Oracle consultant Don Burleson shares his in-the trenches Oracle tuning secrets in this concise and practical book.  Packed with actual techniques and tips, Burleson shows you how to perform system-level tuning on all Oracle databases, from small OLTP systems to giant data warehouses.

This is the definitive collection of professional system-level tuning secrets for every Oracle professional DBA. 


Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1- Oracle Silver bullets
CHAPTER 2 - The Oracle DBA of the 21st Century
CHAPTER 3 - Proactive Tuning and Silver Bullets
CHAPTER 4 - The Silver Bullet Hierarchy
CHAPTER 5 - Very Large Database Silver Bullets
CHAPTER 6 - Indexing Silver Bullets
CHAPTER 7 - Instance Parameter Silver Bullets
CHAPTER 8 - Table Structure Silver Bullets
CHAPTER 9 - Segment Structure Silver Bullets
CHAPTER 10 - Oracle SQL Silver Bullets
CHAPTER 11 - Oracle Hardware Silver Bullets
The top-down approach to Oracle tuning

The one-hour Oracle triage technique
Bottleneck analysis
Server stress analysis
Instance analysis
Network analysis
Disk I/O analysis
Tuning when you can't touch the code
   Fixing sub-optimal code with faster hardware
CHAPTER 2 - Disk sub-system Tuning
Identify I/O bottlenecks
Applying solid-state disk
Adjusting disk RAID
CHAPTER 3 - Oracle Parameter Tuning
Change the CBO optimizer parameters
Initialize missing Oracle instance parameters
CHAPTER 4 - Oracle RAM Tuning
Adjust the sizes of the SGA pools
Implement the KEEP pool for small-table full-scanned tables
Utilize multiple blocksizes and multiple data caches
CHAPTER 5 - Oracle SQL Optimizer Tuning
Fix missing CBO statistics
Replace an obsolete statistics gathering method
Create bitmap indexes
Add missing indexes
Employ materialized views
CHAPTER 6 - Tuning the Shared Pool
Evaluating the library cache
Using cache cursors
Implement cursor_sharing
Removing excessive SQL parsing
CHAPTER 7 - Server silver bullets
Identify incorrect kernel parameters
Oracle Windows issues (screen savers, virus scanning, file server configuration)
Configuring direct I/O
CHAPTER 8 - Network silver bullets
Using network sniffers
Adjusting SDU and TDU
Implementing tcp.nodelay
CHAPTER 9 - Table & Index silver bullets
Adjust freelists and freelist groups
Adjust maxtrans
Implement bitmap freelists (automatic segment space management)
Using locally-managed tablespaces
Table reorganization
Index rebuilding