Blockchain Tethered AI: Trackable, Traceable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Kilroy, Karen, Riley, Lynn, Bhatta, Deepak

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  • 出版日期: 2023-03-21
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Remove your doubts about AI and explore how this technology can be future-proofed using blockchain's smart contracts and tamper-evident ledgers. With this practical book, system architects, software engineers, and systems solution specialists will learn how enterprise blockchain provides permanent provenance of AI, removes the mystery, and allows you to validate AI before it's ever used.

Authors Karen Kilroy, Lynn Riley, and Deepak Bhatta explain that, while it sounds exciting, AI's ability to change itself through program synthesis could take the technology beyond human control. With this book, you'll learn an efficient way to solve this problem by building simple blockchain controls for verifying, tracking, tracing, auditing, and even reversing AI.

  • Learn how to create and power AI marketplaces with blockchain
  • Understand why and how to implement on-chain AI governance
  • Control AI by learning methods to tether it to blockchain networks
  • Use blockchain cryptoanchors to detect common AI hacks
  • Learn methods for reversing tethered AI



作者Karen Kilroy、Lynn Riley和Deepak Bhatta解釋說,儘管聽起來很令人興奮,人工智慧通過程式合成改變自身的能力可能將技術帶入超出人類控制的領域。通過這本書,您將學習一種有效的方法來解決這個問題,即通過建立簡單的區塊鏈控制來驗證、追蹤、追溯、審計甚至逆轉人工智慧。

- 學習如何使用區塊鏈創建和驅動人工智慧市場
- 了解為什麼以及如何實施鏈上人工智慧治理
- 通過學習將人工智慧與區塊鏈網絡相連的方法來控制人工智慧
- 使用區塊鏈加密錨點來檢測常見的人工智慧入侵
- 學習將與區塊鏈相連的人工智慧逆轉的方法