Building Multi-Tenant Saas Architectures: Principles, Practices, and Patterns Using AWS (Paperback)

Golding, Tod

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  • 出版日期: 2024-05-28
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  • ISBN-13: 9781098140649
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Software as a service (SaaS) is on the path to becoming the de facto model for building, delivering, and operating software solutions. Adopting the multi-tenant model of SaaS requires builders to take on a broad range of new architecture, implementation, and operational challenges. How data is stored, how resources are isolated, how tenants are authenticated, how microservices are built--these are all examples of areas that builders must consider when designing and creating SaaS offerings.

This practical book equips SaaS builders and architects with a collection of patterns, strategies, and insights to help you bridge these technical and business challenges. Tod Golding, a global SaaS lead at AWS, provides you with an end-to-end view of SaaS architecture and development techniques for addressing the unique blend of challenges associated with building a robust SaaS solution that realizes its full potential.

  • Develop a clear view of the landscape of SaaS architecture patterns and strategies
  • Walk through all the moving parts of the SaaS environment, identifying the trade-offs and considerations that will influence the footprint of your multi-tenant solution
  • Examine multi-tenant constructs through the lens of real-world SaaS solutions
  • Go inside multi-tenant microservices, exploring strategies and techniques that are used to reduce developer complexity and hide away the details of tenancy
  • Identify design and architecture strategies that allow teams to support a range of workloads and tenant experiences
  • Learn foundational principles for building robust multi-tenant SaaS offerings
  • Learn the inner workings of SaaS architecture patterns, including tenant isolation, noisy neighbor, tiering, onboarding, identity, and data partitioning


軟體即服務(SaaS)正朝著成為建立、交付和運營軟體解決方案的事實標準模型的方向發展。採用SaaS的多租戶模型需要開發者應對各種新的架構、實施和運營挑戰。數據存儲方式、資源隔離、租戶驗證方式、微服務的構建方式等都是開發者在設計和創建SaaS產品時必須考慮的領域。這本實用書籍為SaaS開發者和架構師提供了一系列模式、策略和見解,幫助您應對這些技術和業務挑戰。AWS的全球SaaS負責人Tod Golding為您提供了一個端到端的SaaS架構和開發技術視圖,以應對建立強大的SaaS解決方案所面臨的獨特挑戰。本書內容包括: - 瞭解SaaS架構模式和策略的全貌 - 深入探討SaaS環境的各個組成部分,確定會影響多租戶解決方案範圍的權衡和考慮因素 - 通過真實世界的SaaS解決方案來檢視多租戶結構 - 深入研究多租戶微服務,探索用於減少開發者複雜性並隱藏租戶詳細信息的策略和技術 - 確定設計和架構策略,使團隊能夠支持各種工作負載和租戶體驗 - 學習構建強大的多租戶SaaS產品的基本原則 - 學習SaaS架構模式的內部運作,包括租戶隔離、噪音鄰居、分層、入駐、身份和數據分割等。