Getting Great Results with Excel Pivot Tables, Powerquery and Powerpivot

Fragale, Thomas

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  • 出版日期: 2024-05-07
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  • ISBN-13: 9781394243051
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Get more out of your data with step-by-step tutorials for the Excel features you need to know

Excel is still the most popular tool for organizing and analyzing data, and today's professionals are expected to have a high degree of fluency with it. Complex Excel tools like Pivot Tables, PowerQuery, and PowerPivot can help you manage and report on data the way you need to. Getting Great Results with Excel Pivot Tables, PowerQuery and PowerPivot offers a fresh look at how these tools can help you. Author and Microsoft Certified Trainer Thomas Fragale breaks down the topics into easy-to-use steps and screenshots, so you'll be able to put your advanced Excel skills into practice right away.

Using Pivot Tables, PowerQuery, and PowerPivot, you can import, sort, transform, summarize, and present your data, all without having to be a programmer. This book takes the technical jargon out of using these features, so you can do your job more efficiently, bring value to your teams, and advance your career. The plain-English instructions inside will help anyone learn to get quick, meaningful results from your data, without having a degree in computing.

  • Get easy-to-understand walkthroughs for analyzing data and creating dashboards in Microsoft Excel
  • Learn how to organize data in Excel and use advanced features to find patterns and insights
  • Summarize any kind of data faster and easier, leaving you more time for other tasks
  • Turn raw numbers into new knowledge, reports, and charts that tell coworkers and customers what they need to know

This book is great for anybody who has tons of raw data and needs to make sense of it. Managers, salespeople, finance professionals, marketers--along with anyone else who works with large amounts of data--will love this quick and easy guide to Pivot Tables, PowerQuery, and PowerPivot.


用步驟教學來更充分地利用您的數據,學習 Excel 的必備功能。

Excel 仍然是最受歡迎的組織和分析數據工具,現今的專業人士被期望具備高度的熟練度。複雜的 Excel 工具,如樞紐分析表、PowerQuery 和 PowerPivot,可以幫助您按照需要管理和報告數據。《Getting Great Results with Excel Pivot Tables, PowerQuery and PowerPivot》提供了這些工具如何幫助您的全新視角。作者和微軟認證培訓師 Thomas Fragale 將這些主題分解為易於使用的步驟和截圖,讓您能夠立即將您的高級 Excel 技能付諸實踐。使用樞紐分析表、PowerQuery 和 PowerPivot,您可以導入、排序、轉換、總結和呈現數據,而無需成為一名程式設計師。本書將這些功能的技術術語去除,讓您能夠更高效地完成工作,為團隊帶來價值,並推進您的職業發展。本書中的明確指示將幫助任何人從數據中快速獲得有意義的結果,而無需擁有計算機學位。

- 獲得易於理解的步驟指南,以分析數據並在 Microsoft Excel 中創建儀表板
- 學習如何在 Excel 中組織數據並使用高級功能尋找模式和洞察力
- 更快、更輕鬆地總結任何類型的數據,讓您有更多時間處理其他任務
- 將原始數字轉化為新的知識、報告和圖表,告訴同事和客戶他們需要知道的信息

這本書非常適合那些擁有大量原始數據並需要理解其含義的人。經理、銷售人員、財務專業人員、營銷人員以及與大量數據一起工作的任何其他人都會喜歡這本關於樞紐分析表、PowerQuery 和 PowerPivot 的快速且易於使用的指南。