Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift: Implement Stacks, Queues, Dictionaries, and Lists in Your Apps

Karimov, Elshad



Control the performance and stability of the apps you develop in Swift by working with and understanding advanced concepts in data structures and algorithms.
All professional developers have to know which data structure and algorithms to use in their development process. Your choice directly affects the performance of your application. With this book, you'll increase the performance of your software, become a better developer, and even pass tricky interview questions better when looking at professional development opportunities.

Guided by compact and practical chapters, you'll learn the nature and proper use of data structures such as arrays, dictionaries, sets, stacks, queues, lists, hash tables, trie, heaps, binary trees, red black trees, and R-trees. Use the main differences among them to determine which will make your applications efficient and faster. Then tackle algorithms. Work with Big O notation; sorting algorithms such as Insertion, Merge, and Quick; Naive and Rabin Karp algorithms; and Graph Algorithms.
Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift encourages you to further and understand how to best choose the perfect algorithm for your application's needs.

What You'll Learn

  • Retrieve, add, and remove elements in arrays
  • Implement stacks, queues, and lists in your apps
  • Sort algorithms and choose the best ones for your apps

Who This Book Is For
Developers who have intermediate knowledge in Swift and want to improve their code performance and pass more complex interviews


Elshad Karimov is an experienced programmer with a solid background in iOS development as well as Oracle, SQL, C#, Java, and HTML/CSS. He's familiar with the performance limits and characteristics of Swift and the nature and function of embedded databases and system datastores.