Quantum Computing Solutions: Solving Real-World Problems Using Quantum Computing and Algorithms

Kommadi, Bhagvan

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  • 出版日期: 2020-12-21
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9781484265154
  • 相關分類: Algorithms-data-structures量子計算
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Know how to use quantum computing solutions involving artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and applications across different disciplines.

Quantum solutions involve building quantum algorithms that improve computational tasks within quantum computing, AI, data science, and machine learning. As opposed to quantum computer innovation, quantum solutions offer automation, cost reduction, and other efficiencies to the problems they tackle.

Starting with the basics, this book covers subsystems and properties as well as the information processing network before covering quantum simulators. Solutions such as the Traveling Salesman Problem, quantum cryptography, scheduling, and cybersecurity are discussed in step-by-step detail.

The book presents code samples based on real-life problems in a variety of industries, such as risk assessment and fraud detection in banking. In pharma, you will look at drug discovery and protein-folding solutions. Supply chain optimization and purchasing solutions are presented in the manufacturing domain. In the area of utilities, energy distribution and optimization problems and solutions are explained. Advertising scheduling and revenue optimization solutions are included from media and technology verticals.



What You Will Learn


  • Understand the mathematics behind quantum computing
  • Know the solution benefits, such as automation, cost reduction, and efficiencies
  • Be familiar with the quantum subsystems and properties, including states, protocols, operations, and transformations
  • Be aware of the quantum classification algorithms: classifiers, and support and sparse support vector machines
  • Use AI algorithms, including probability, walks, search, deep learning, and parallelism







Who This Book Is For

Developers in Python and other languages interested in quantum solutions. The secondary audience includes IT professionals and academia in mathematics and physics. A tertiary audience is those in industry verticals such as manufacturing, banking, and pharma.







- 了解量子運算背後的數學
- 了解解決方案的好處,如自動化、成本降低和效率提升
- 熟悉量子子系統和特性,包括狀態、協議、操作和轉換
- 了解量子分類演算法:分類器、支持向量機和稀疏支持向量機
- 使用人工智慧演算法,包括概率、行走、搜索、深度學習和並行處理





Bhagvan Kommadi is the founder of Architect Corner, an AI startup, and he has 20 years of industry experience ranging from large-scale enterprise development to helping incubate software product startups. He has a masters degree in industrial systems engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a bachelors degree in aerospace engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He is a member of the IFX forum, Oracle JCP, and a participant in Java Community Process.


Bhagvan founded Quantica Computacao, the first quantum computing startup in India. He has engineered and developed simulators and tools in quantum technology using IBM Q, Microsoft Q#, and Google QScript. The company's focus is developing quantum cryptographic tools to provide quantum proof data security, which will help banking institutions protect their transactions. He is now Director of Product Engineering at Value Momentum. Value Momentum has a social network for doctors (White Coats) and provides telehealth support through the Practice Plus suite of products and services.



Bhagvan has published papers and presented at IEEE, AstriCon, Avios, DevCon, PyCon, and genomics and biotechnology conferences on topics including adaptive learning, AI Coder, and more. He is a hands-on CTO who has been contributing to open source, blogs, and the latest technologies such as Go, Python, Django, node.js and Java, MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, and Cassandra. He is the technical reviewer for the book Machine Learning with TensorFlow. He has written the book Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Go and Paytech and The Payment Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and FinTech Visionaries.




Bhagvan Kommadi 是 Architect Corner 的創辦人,該公司是一家人工智能初創企業,他擁有20年的行業經驗,從大型企業開發到幫助孵化軟件產品初創企業。他擁有喬治亞理工學院的工業系統工程碩士學位和印度理工學院馬德拉斯分校的航空工程學士學位。他是IFX論壇、Oracle JCP的成員,也是Java Community Process的參與者。

Bhagvan創辦了Quantica Computacao,這是印度第一家量子計算初創企業。他使用IBM Q、Microsoft Q#和Google QScript開發了量子技術的模擬器和工具。該公司的重點是開發量子密碼工具,以提供量子證明的數據安全,幫助銀行機構保護交易。他現在是Value Momentum的產品工程總監。Value Momentum擁有一個針對醫生的社交網絡(White Coats),並通過Practice Plus系列產品和服務提供遠程醫療支持。

Bhagvan在IEEE、AstriCon、Avios、DevCon、PyCon以及基因組學和生物技術會議上發表了論文並進行了演講,主題包括適應性學習、AI Coder等。他是一位實踐型的首席技術官,一直在為開源項目、博客和最新技術(如Go、Python、Django、node.js和Java、MySQL、Postgres、Mongo和Cassandra)做出貢獻。他是書籍《Machine Learning with TensorFlow》的技術審查人員。他還撰寫了書籍《Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Go and Paytech》和《The Payment Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and FinTech Visionaries》。