CSS Refactoring: Architect Your Stylesheets for Success (Paperback)

Steve Lindstrom



Revisiting your code to remove redundancies and inconsistencies—known as refactoring—is a common practice when using programming languages. With this book, author Steve Lindstrom not only shows you how to structure your CSS to build a responsive, easy-to-use website, but also how to use refactoring tools to create faster, more readable CSS.

Good CSS is essential to the look and feel of modern sites—as important as the HTML that dictates the site’s appearance and the JavaScript that runs the application. This book is ideal for seasoned front-end developers cleaning up an existing project, as well as those starting a new project for the first time.

  • Discover why CSS is easy to learn but difficult to master
  • Understand the difference between good and bad CSS
  • Learn about refactoring and how it relates to CSS
  • Explore methods for executing a CSS refactoring
  • Learn how to deal with browser inconsistencies
  • Investigate common CSS antipatterns—and how to avoid them
  • Use techniques for structuring a project's CSS
  • Recognize when your CSS refactoring is successful