Learning Kali Linux: Security Testing, Penetration Testing, and Ethical Hacking

Ric Messier

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With more than 600 security tools in its arsenal, the Kali Linux distribution can be overwhelming for both experienced and aspiring security professionals alike. Which tools are most appropriate for conducting various security tests and penetration tests? This practical book covers Kali’s broad range of security capabilities, and helps you identify the tools you need to conduct a wide range of tests. You’ll also explore the vulnerabilities that make those tests necessary.

Author Ric Messier takes you through the foundations of Kali Linux, and explains methods for conducting tests on networks, web applications, wireless security, password vulnerability, and more. You’ll discover different techniques for extending Kali tools, and creating your own toolset.

  • Learn tools for stress testing network stacks and applications
  • Perform network reconnaissance to determine what’s available to attackers
  • Use scanners to identify technical vulnerabilities in the network
  • Execute penetration tests using automated exploit tools such as Metasploit
  • Use cracking tools to see if passwords meet complexity requirements
  • Test wireless capabilities by injecting frames and cracking passwords
  • Assess web application vulnerabilities with automated or proxy-based tools
  • Create advanced attack techniques by extending Kali tools or developing your own
  • Use Kali Linux to generate reports once testing is complete