Build a Frontend Web Framework (from Scratch)

Orbaiceta, Ángel Sola

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  • 出版日期: 2024-05-21
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Learn how a frontend web framework works by coding your own!

In Build a Frontend Web Framework (From Scratch), you'll learn the secrets behind frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular, including:

  • Using the Document API to create HTML documents programmatically
  • How the virtual DOM helps define the view of an application
  • Using reconciliation algorithms to update the HTML efficiently
  • How to use Single Page Application (SPA) routers

Frontend frameworks are essential for creating websites, UIs, and intuitive apps. While it's tempting to treat a framework like a black box, they're not magic. Build a Frontend Web Framework (From Scratch) shows you how to build your own framework from basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Once you learn how frameworks function, you'll be able to work with them more efficiently, troubleshoot bugs more effectively, and even customize them for your specific needs.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the technology

Frontend web frameworks like React, Vue, or Svelte are an essential part of almost any web application stack. They're responsible for what your users see on their screens, and they are the first step in ensuring that your product delivers an exceptional user experience. In this step-by-step guide, expert full-stack web developer Angel Sola Orbaiceta shares a big secret: understanding how these tools work under the hood will make you a better web developer.

About the book

In Build a Frontend Web Framework (From Scratch), you'll create a complete frontend framework and share it with the world as an NPM package. You'll start by writing a to-do list application in pure JavaScript to expose the pain points a frontend framework solves. Then, just three chapters later, you'll have a basic working framework, built from scratch!

From there, you'll iterate and add new features, implement a pipeline that transforms HTML templates into JavaScript render functions, add reconciliation algorithms, develop a SPA router that changes the content of the page without reloading, and more. All concepts are broken down into easy-to-digest chunks and explained with engaging graphics. By the time you're done reading and coding, you'll have a framework you can both use in your own projects and share with the world!

About the reader

For web developers familiar with JavaScript and NodeJS.

About the author

Angel Sola Orbaiceta is a senior engineer at Glovo. He has worked in the software industry for over a decade creating software for the cloud, OSX, and Windows desktop applications.


透過編寫自己的程式碼,了解前端網頁框架的運作方式!在《從頭開始建立前端網頁框架》中,您將學習React、Vue和Angular等框架背後的秘密,包括:使用文件API以程式方式建立HTML文件、虛擬DOM如何定義應用程式的視圖、使用調和演算法高效更新HTML、如何使用單頁應用程式(SPA)路由器等。前端框架對於建立網站、使用者介面和直觀應用程式至關重要。儘管將框架視為黑盒子很誘人,但它們並非魔法。《從頭開始建立前端網頁框架》將向您展示如何使用基本的JavaScript、HTML和CSS建立自己的框架。一旦您了解框架的運作方式,您將能夠更高效地使用它們,更有效地排除錯誤,甚至根據自己的需求進行自定義。購買印刷版書籍將包含Manning Publications提供的PDF、Kindle和ePub格式的免費電子書。

像React、Vue或Svelte這樣的前端網頁框架是幾乎任何網頁應用程式堆疊的重要組成部分。它們負責顯示在使用者螢幕上的內容,並且是確保您的產品提供卓越用戶體驗的第一步。在這本逐步指南中,全端網頁開發專家Angel Sola Orbaiceta分享了一個重要秘訣:了解這些工具在幕後的運作方式將使您成為一名更好的網頁開發人員。



Angel Sola Orbaiceta是Glovo的高級工程師。他在軟體行業工作超過十年,創建了雲端、OSX和Windows桌面應用程式的軟體。