Mastering TypeScript - Second Edition

Nathan Rozentals



Build enterprise-ready, industrial-strength web applications using TypeScript and leading JavaScript frameworks

About This Book

  • Start with the basics, then enhance your knowledge with in-depth discussions on language features, third-party libraries, design patterns and more
  • Practical examples that show how to use TypeScript with popular frameworks, including Backbone, Angular 2, React, Aurelia, Node and others
  • Focus on test-driven development to build high quality applications that are modular, scalable and adaptable

Who This Book Is For

Whether you are a JavaScript developer aiming to learn TypeScript, or an experienced TypeScript developer, this book will take your skills to the next level. From basic to advanced language constructs, test-driven development, object-oriented techniques and industry standard design patterns, you will learn how to get the most out of the TypeScript language.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain an insight into core and advanced TypeScript language features
  • Integrate your existing JavaScript libraries and third-party frameworks by writing and using declaration files
  • Target popular JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Backbone, Angular, Aurelia, React, Node, and Express
  • Create extensive test suites for your application with Jasmine, Protactor, and Selenium
  • Organize your application code using modules, AMD loaders, Require and SystemJs
  • Explore advanced object-oriented design principles, including Dependency Injection
  • Understand and compare the various MVC implementations in Aurelia, Angular, React and Backbone
  • Build a complete single-page web application that incorporates CSS animations to enhance your customers' browsing experience

In Detail

The TypeScript language, compiler, and opensource development toolset brings JavaScript development up to the enterprise level. It allows us to use ES5, ES6, and ES7 JavaScript language features today, including classes, interfaces, generics, modules, and more. Its simple typing syntax enables building large, robust applications using object-oriented techniques and industry standard design principles.

Packed with practical, real-world examples, this book is a guide to bringing the benefits of strongly typed, object-oriented programming and design principles into the JavaScript development space. Starting with core language features, and working through more advanced topics such as generics and asynchronous programming techniques, you will learn how to gain maximum benefit from your JavaScript development with TypeScript. With a strong focus on test-driven development, and coverage of many popular and in-demand JavaScript frameworks, you can fast-track your TypeScript knowledge to a professional level. By the end of this book, you will be able to confidently build TypeScript applications, whether you are targeting Angular, Aurelia, React, Backbone, Node, or any other JavaScript framework.

Style and approach

With generous doses of small, easy to follow code samples, this hands-on guide builds up your TypeScript knowledge incrementally. Starting with entry-level concepts, and moving towards intermediate and then advanced techniques, this book provides practical examples of real-world techniques to build robust, testable, adaptable and enterprise-ready JavaScript applications.